Wonder Festival Life-Sized Ayase Figure “Life-Sized Pantsu!”
Pulchra’s life-sized figure of Ore no Imouto’s Aragaki Ayase (which has been in the works for months) has at last made an appearance during Winter Wonder Festival 2017, showing off her wondrously bashful self as she raises her skirt to reveal her pantsu – an idea that was selected... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 Cosplay Quite Overwhelming
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 has provided other phenomenal sights aside from expertly crafted figurines, as both official and unofficial cosplayers have flooded the event to show off their devotion to anime, which most attendees would likely prefer to take home instead of the figures on display… The multitude of... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 H-Figures Truly Lust-Inducing
Figures of the sexier variety have also made an appearance at the esteemed Winter Wonder Festival 2017, perhaps making attending otaku feel less sad about their non-existent sexual exploits with real women with their astounding “wife” potential. Some of the naughtier collectibles that will soon be (or perhaps are... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 “Wallet-Intensive”
Otaku and figure enthusiasts have already begun singing the praises of Winter Wonder Festival 2017, as the event has unsurprisingly provided attendees with a glimpse at the upcoming figurines that will no doubt become top-sellers – and bound to make the already highly grossing franchises even more profitable. Some... Read more
Meet a Human-Scale Temjin at Wonder Festival
Visitors to this month’s Wonder Festival in Tokyo will come face-to-face with a life-sized Temjin. The Virtual On figure is being created especially for Sega’s booth at the event.     The 2-meter tall figure is sculted from styrene and FRP. A CG proof was released not long ago,... Read more
"Gunsmith Cats" Author Signed Airsoft Replica Weapons Head To Wonder Festival
This weekend is one of the big events on the otaku calendar. The twice-yearly exhibition of garage kits, figures and other physical marvels known as Wonder Festival (or WonFes) hits Chiba. Among the impressive items at the event will be a set of air-soft replica guns autographed and sketched... Read more
Wonder Festival Mascots Try To Get In On Figure Skating Craze With Help Of "Yotsuba&!" Author
Called the world’s largest modeling festival, celebration of kits, figures and more returns to Chiba’s Makuhari Messe on February 19th for the winter edition of twice-yearly Wonder Festival. As with the last couple years, the mascots Wanda-chan and Reset-chan are illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma, manga author of Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh. Move over popular anime skaters, but... Read more