The winning entry for the annual Snow Miku design contest has been announced, with 2018’s design seemingly taking on a shrine maiden theme, a fitting idea considering how widely worshiped Hatsune Miku has become around the world. Snow Miku 2018’s winning design, along with a new illustration: The previous... Read more
Top 10 Best Late Night Winter Anime of 2017
The long awaited return of one long-running series has managed to snag the top spot of this ranking consisting of the winter anime that voters believe to be most compelling, effortlessly swatting aside some of this season’s favorites and demonstrating the strength of its fanbase. The ranking: 1. Gintama... Read more
Top 10 Most Tweeted Winter Anime of 2017
Statistics-mongering websites have revealed the anime that have been most tweeted about for the current winter season, with one particular series starring a myriad of animal girls continuing to maintain its popularity even as numerous anime fans are perplexed as to why. The ranking: 1. Kemono Friends 2. Gintama... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 Cosplay Quite Overwhelming
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 has provided other phenomenal sights aside from expertly crafted figurines, as both official and unofficial cosplayers have flooded the event to show off their devotion to anime, which most attendees would likely prefer to take home instead of the figures on display… The multitude of... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 H-Figures Truly Lust-Inducing
Figures of the sexier variety have also made an appearance at the esteemed Winter Wonder Festival 2017, perhaps making attending otaku feel less sad about their non-existent sexual exploits with real women with their astounding “wife” potential. Some of the naughtier collectibles that will soon be (or perhaps are... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 “Wallet-Intensive”
Otaku and figure enthusiasts have already begun singing the praises of Winter Wonder Festival 2017, as the event has unsurprisingly provided attendees with a glimpse at the upcoming figurines that will no doubt become top-sellers – and bound to make the already highly grossing franchises even more profitable. Some... Read more
Sapporo Snow Festival 2017 “All Trump & Memes”
The Sapporo Snow Festival has returned for its 68th year and is even larger than ever, boasting endless rows of expertly crafted snow sculptures (with many of characters from notable games and anime of course) and anime goods to purchase that will no doubt be regarded as the epitome... Read more
Top 20 Most Watched Winter 2017 Anime – NTT Docomo
NTT Docomo has once again shared the results of its new ranking of the most watched (by its customers at least) anime series of the winter 2017 line-up, which has unsurprisingly been dominated by the same fantasy world comedy that has topped previous lists… The ranking: 1. KonoSuba Season... Read more
Top 20 Winter 2017 Anime Voters Want to Keep Watching
With the 2017 winter anime line-up almost half-way done, a ranking has been compiled consisting of the shows that viewers are most excited to continue watching; comedy apparently being a rather important element as the top few shows possess a great deal of it. The ranking: 1. KonoSuba 2... Read more
Comiket 91 Cosplay “Beautiful Girls Everywhere!”
Comiket 91 has continued to astound many online as (for once) a great deal of the cosplays feature not only fantastic costumes but also attractive women, the winter chill and overly enquiring lenses sseemingly having driven off most of the sub-5 crowd. Read more