Azur Lane’s young and innocent Unicorn has gotten a cosplay from another phenomenal woman, bound to be regarded as “way too old” by picky otaku despite her rather saucy exposure – hopefully she will not end up being bullied like the character… The sublime cosplay: Read more
Nutaku’s enticing ero-RPG Flower Knight Girl has a sexy figurine of incredibly popular flower girl Oncidium, a collectible that not only hardcore players of the game will likely appreciate but figure enthusiasts in general as well. Flower Knight Girl boasts a myriad of beautiful warrior women who must battle... Read more
Kizuna Ai has gotten notoriety in the cosplay scene as this dedicated fan has dressed up as the crazy 2D “YouTuber”, naturally providing an abundance of absurd facial expressions and definitely showing more emotion than most straight-faced cosplays. The wacky cosplay: Read more
Danmachi’s emotionless yet highly formidable sword maiden Ais Wallenstein has become the next anime character to obtain a cosplay tribute, with the 2D woman also ready to slice up monsters and evildoers alike as shown by her wielding a sword. The admirable Ais Wallenstein cosplay: Read more
A Halloween-themed cosplay for Kantai Collection’s Libeccio has emerged thanks to the lovely Rion Sakura, bound to be a perfect compliment to the arrival of the spooky holiday despite not possessing any creepy qualities. Read more
Glorious Touhou shrine maiden Hakurei Reimu has achieved further recognition in the form of this new cosplay, one that has also introduced a few fireworks to elevate the cosplayer’s beauty. The truly spectacular cosplay: Read more
The dangerously sexy Jeanne D’Arc has managed to accrue some acclaim despite the existence of the ridiculously revered Shielder, with this rather impressive depiction bound to convince some dedicated Shielder worshipers to change their allegiance. The amazing cosplay: Read more
The sexy Super Sonico can be seen wearing yet another incredibly skimpy outfit thanks to Good Smile Company’s latest figurine, though this time she is scantily clad in honor of the 20th anniversary of T.M. Revolution’s “HOT LIMIT” – buyers can acquire the superb figure near the end of... Read more
The cute and skimpy kitty figure for caramel cutie Kuro (from Prisma Illya) that arrived in September has become an even more desired collectible after being forcibly stripped by buyers, elevating the lewdness of the superb figurine significantly and sure to boost the Fate franchise’s reputation even further in... Read more
Another To Love-Ru maiden has acquired a skintight figure of the sukumizu variety, this time with beloved imouto Yuuki Mikan becoming the next target for otaku fluids – Mikan’s messy fate will come next month in November. Yuuki Mikan can be pre-ordered now. Read more