Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey has spiced up what might have been a drab interview by dressing in a bikini and wearing a wig of Re:Zero’s highly worshiped Rem (accompanied by a woman wearing a wig of non-Rem), with his wily antics sure to serve as the life goals... Read more
A new virtual reality game has been announced for the popular Sword Art Online, forcing players into the same scenario as the anime and causing many to hope it will be a full-fledged title and not just a 20-minute gimmick meant to show off the tech… The game, entitled... Read more
  It’s not often that a manga author gets to be thrown bodily into a fantastic scenario of their own creation, but that’s exactly what happened when game developers Solid Sphere strapped a helmet to gambling manga maestro Nobuyuki Fukumoto (Kaiji, Akagi) and made him walk the plank in a... Read more
A curious coder sifting through the Nintendo Switch’s source code has happened upon lines of data mentioning a “VR Mode”, possibly indicating that the frequently sold-out console may soon be implementing support for VR devices, an addition that will surely be welcomed by Switch owners. The original tweet: Some... Read more
Tokyo VR Wedding “Marry An Anime Girl!”
A special ceremony is being held in honor of Niitzuma LovelyxCation’s (a game about the married life of the player and their beloved wife) impending release where otaku can wed one of the game’s lovely 2D maidens, though unfortunately they will be required to wear a tuxedo as opposed... Read more
Re:Zero VR – “Rest Your Head on Rem’s Lap”
Devoted followers of charming maid oni Rem from Re:Zero can look forward to resting their weary heads on her lap with this upcoming virtual reality app for smartphones, with such Rem-based products bound to be a gold mine for creators considering the phenomenal popularity the fictional girl enjoys. A... Read more
Gin no Guardian All About Games
The overused concept of an “expert” video game player being taken into a virtual world has served as the premise of anime adaptation Gin no Guardian, possibly satisfying fans of the original Chinese web manga whilst others may ignore it for the aforementioned generic plot. Read more
Life-Sized Summer Lesson Statue = $23,000
PlayStation virtual reality title Summer Lesson has apparently proved so popular that life-sized statues of its main girl Hikari Miyamoto are now in production, standing 160cm tall and likely unprepared for what wealthy otaku plan to do to it… Those who do not possess the ¥2,700,000 ($23,000) required to... Read more
"Disaster Report 4 Plus" VR Demo Delayed in Japan
Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is a virtual reality demo that’s meant to release for PlayStation VR. Previously it was meant for release in January, and then it suffered a delay until February. Now, it’s been delayed until after February with no real launch window in sight.  ... Read more
Doraemon VR Experience “Doko Demo Door!”
The ever expanding world of virtual reality has now made the childhood fantasies of otaku come to life as Doraemon‘s “doko demo” door has been astoundingly replicated, an experience that any ravenous fan of Doraemon would likely love to see for themselves. PVs of the 10-minute virtual reality experience,... Read more