The mesmerizing Tenshi Miyu has shown off her lingerie and garter belt interpretation of Touhou’s Patchouli Knowledge, certain to be a nice change of pace from the girl’s more reserved attire whilst surely becoming the favorite character of many onlookers. Read more
Glorious Touhou shrine maiden Hakurei Reimu has achieved further recognition in the form of this new cosplay, one that has also introduced a few fireworks to elevate the cosplayer’s beauty. The truly spectacular cosplay: Read more
Yet another innocent Touhou girl has been left at the mercy of animators with this tantalizing ero-MMD animation, forcing marvelous maid Izayoi Sakuya into a compromising situation and sure to aid in boosting the franchise’s reputation (which has seemingly been overshadowed recently by games like Fate/Grand Order). Sakuya’s depraved... Read more
Touhou’s sexy spirit girl Konpaku Youmu has become the next innocent maiden to be ravaged in MikuMikuDance, this time adding in some tentacles to spice things up and sure to be a great change of pace from the usual flurry of videos featuring Hatsune Miku. The thrilling 5-minute animation: Read more
The Touhou Kouroumu 13 event was held at the INTEX Osaka international exhibition center this weekend, and developer Area Zero had a big announcement to make. Following up on last year’s releases on PS4 and PS Vita, the next stop for Touhou Sky Arena: Gensoukyou Kuusen Hime Matsuri Climax... Read more
Yet another beloved NicoNico Douga classic is celebrating an astonishing anniversary, this time with Cirno’s Perfect Math Class acquiring a special iteration for its 9th anniversary, bound to not only induce nostalgia amongst the masses but perhaps also making them reflect on how far NicoNico Douga has come. The... Read more
"Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle" Shoot’em Up Fighter Dated for the West
NIS America announced official western release dates for Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle, a 3D “shoot’em up fighter” that’s coming to PS4 (physical and digital) and PS Vita (digital-only). It’s set to launch in Europe on June 30, followed by North America on July 4, and the PS4 version... Read more
Killer Konpaku Youmu Cosplay Unsheathed
Seasoned swordswoman Konpaku Youmu has ventured outside and drawn her blade for her next vicious battle (despite it likely centering around energy bullets), certain to captivate onlookers due to the cosplayer’s significant cuteness and possibly inspiring even the most ardent holdouts to give the Touhou series a shot. The... Read more
Alice Margatroid Cosplay by Ely Astoundingly Elegant
Touhou’s master puppeteer Alice Margatroid has had her sophisticated appeal imitated by none other than the established Ely, certain to do the bespectacled maiden justice and bound to become a favorite amongst Touhou fans thanks to her great beauty and even greater bosom. Ely’s admirable Alice cosplay: Read more
Memories of Phantasm “Best Touhou Anime Yet”
The next entry into Memories of Phantasm – a fan-animated Touhou series – has been released onto YouTube, once again leaving Touhou fans breathless over its stellar quality and likely making up for the lack of official anime titles in this gigantic franchise. The 8th episode, which was previously... Read more