Superhero series Boku no Hero Academia has accrued enough attention to warrant its own animated film, something that fans could no doubt predict considering its success both anime-wise and in regards to its manga (despite its concept being highly generic and done countless times before). The latest issue of... Read more
From Mazinger Z to Dragon Ball to My Hero Academia and all the Shameless School’s and To Love-Ru‘s in-between, Shonen Jump has been a cornerstone of Japanese pop culture. One of the longest running, best selling manga magazines, it launched with an August 1, 1968 cover dates and is now gearing up for its 50th anniversary. With... Read more
To Love-Ru illustrator Yabuki Kentaro has recently revealed that he will be starting up a new manga series in Shonen Jump+ in January, an inevitable occurrence considering the conclusion of To Love-Ru Darkness and bound to have many hoping the new series will be just as sexy. The news... Read more
Manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump closed out its 2017 cover-year on Monday. An early look at plans for 2018 reveals that a number of the series’ notable creators will be returning for new one-shot works, including some of those heay-hitters that wrapped up in 2016.   A preview of the roster... Read more
Fearless warriors who have been through (and suffered from) various battles and have been branded with scars are the focus of this new ranking, leaving one legendary man-slayer as the victor over all the other lesser fighters. The ranking: 1. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) 2. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)... Read more
  The music mixing / culinary adventures of Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro may be drawing to a conclusion in comic book form with the publication of the 11th and final volume of the manga in Japan on November 02, 2017, but a brave new world awaits our hip hop cutlet hero in... Read more
Shonen fans have somehow managed to come to a consensus regarding the cutest-looking Jump heroines, an honor being granted to the busty maiden of one particular piracy series and bound to have some labeling the ranking as nothing more than a glorified popularity contest. The ranking: 1. Nami (One... Read more
The greatest combat-centric Shonen Jump franchises of all time have been decided by a few random voters on the internet, bound to start yet more pointless battles on forums worldwide as one rather ancient series acquires first place. The ranking: 1. Dragon Ball 2. One Piece 3. JoJo’s Bizarre... Read more
It was known that three manga (at least) were set to join Shonen Jump (Lycopene The Tomatoy Poodle, Full Drive and Gen Osuka’s Golem Hearts). And, it was pretty safe bet that three were out. One was Beelzebub creator Ryūhei Tamura’s Hungry Marie, which is ending next week. Now, an early look a the magazine’s... Read more
  Shonen Jump is continuing to celebrate its 50th anniversary with gifts for fans. Its most recent addition? A 208-card karuta deck (104 reading cards and 104 playing cards) cover 100 classic titles from the manga magazine.       Titles range the 50-year history of Shonen Jump, encompassing Harenchi Gakuen,... Read more