Tokyo VR Wedding “Marry An Anime Girl!”
A special ceremony is being held in honor of Niitzuma LovelyxCation’s (a game about the married life of the player and their beloved wife) impending release where otaku can wed one of the game’s lovely 2D maidens, though unfortunately they will be required to wear a tuxedo as opposed... Read more
Kanzaki Ranko’s Birthday Darkly Descends
IdolMaster: Cinderella Girl’s elegant chuunibyou idol Kanzaki Ranko has gotten another time to shine as her birthday has made its sophisticated arrival, naturally prompting otaku to unleash tasteful art of her fabulous being along with delicious cake to demonstrate their faith toward the godly girl. Read more
Chinese Man “Marries AI Robot Waifu”
A Chinese engineer has recently wed an AI robot that he himself created, naturally garnering a wealth of concerned reactions (as well those who naturally consider this the way of the future) and certainly giving a whole new meaning to being “married to one’s work”. The 31-year-old AI engineer... Read more
Re:Zero VR – “Rest Your Head on Rem’s Lap”
Devoted followers of charming maid oni Rem from Re:Zero can look forward to resting their weary heads on her lap with this upcoming virtual reality app for smartphones, with such Rem-based products bound to be a gold mine for creators considering the phenomenal popularity the fictional girl enjoys. A... Read more
Virgin Matchless Onahole Formidable Indeed
Fillworks have provided onanism enthusiasts with a samurai maiden themed masturbation device called the “Virgin Matchless“, which apparently offers “virgin resistance” to all those who would defile this formidable orifice. Virgin Matchless can ironically be used en masse by lonely virgins now. Read more
Erotic Number Onahole “Now With More Y**”
Girlish Number has inspired the production of yet another stimulating onahole parody, this time recreating the genital region of Kugayama Yae and offering buyers with an onanism experience of the softer variety. Hobbyist onanists can give Kugayama Yae a try now. Read more
Gyaku Hida Vagina-Jyu Onahole Raunchily Ridged
The “Gyaku Hida Vagina-Jyu” onahole has offered solitary individuals another lustful adventure with its variety of “ridges” and “pathways” to make using the device a new experience every time, potentially giving buyers more value (and hopefully pleasure) for their hard-earned cash. The Gyaku Hida Vagina-Jyu onahole can satiate desires... Read more
Otokonoko Baby Doll “Has F*lix on The Box”
Re:Zero’s cute cat-boy trap Felix has apparently made his way onto the box of the “Otokonoko Baby Doll“, a product for those wishing to imitate the male’s taste in feminine clothing and including a “new pad design” for those poor souls even flatter than the typical Japanese girl. Perverts... Read more
Tolne Onahole Masterfully Made
The Tolne onahole is the next entry in the collaborative series between erotic toy maker A-One and H-manga Comic Hot Milk, promising hardcore onanists top quality sensations and perhaps sealing the deal with the box art (which was sketched by Yamazaki Kazuma). Otaku can try out the newly developed... Read more
Kunikida Hanamaru’s Birthday Emerges
Technologically outdated idol Kunikida Hanamaru‘s birthday has been gloriously welcomed by otaku, with the usual bombardment of illustrations on social media certain to raise further awareness of Love Live Sunshine and the undeniably creepy nature of 2D-worshiping idol otaku. Read more