Young and innocent Azur Lane shipgirl Unicorn has for some reason earned massive online scorn, as the unicorn-hugging girl has accumulated an abundance of all-too-cruel illustrations, possibly created by jealous Kantai Collection fans upset that the “imitation” is gaining traction. Azur Lane’s Unicorn, for those unfamiliar: Various cruel contributions... Read more
Yet another fan film has emerged forth from the Internet, this time paying tribute to the long-standing Dragon Ball Z franchise, replete with fast-paced action, corny dialogue and of course long-drawn out battle cries that (fortunately) do not last minutes in duration. The rather compelling 35-minute creation: The Internet... Read more
Pussy-sucking guro artist Shoko Nakagawa has disturbed the internet yet again as she has obsessed over the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, naturally reveling in her purchases by carrying them around in her mouth – which she has done on other occasions, strangely enough. Shoko’s... Read more
The mass spending antics of yet another obsessed anime fan has been spotted on Twitter, with the rather wealthy fan this time purchasing 100 copies of Young Jump merely because Love Live seiyuu Rikako Aida (Riko Sakurauchi) was on the cover. The rather lusty cover of the magazine, which... Read more
Hiromi Tsuru, best known for her role as Bulma in the popular Dragon Ball series (who she has been voicing since 1986), has unfortunately passed away at the not so ripe old age of 57, ending the chapter of yet another legendary seiyuu. Found unconscious in her car on... Read more
A heinous criminal who has been producing stickers laden with the designs of Girls Und Panzer‘s school badges and logos has been arrested, baffling many as to how he thought he could get away with such a blatantly illegal act. Kurashiki police station and Okayama prefectural police station’s cyber... Read more
Tobu Zoo, the location where beloved penguin Grape-kun fell in love with a standee of Hululu from Kemono Friends, has denied ever starting crowd funding campaigns for the erection of a memorial statue in honor of the deceased animal, indicating that some insensitive individuals may have been attempting to... Read more
The ever popular concept of anthropomorphized ship-girls has strayed away from the browser game genre as “Battleship Girls Let’s Set Sail” has taken the form of a MOBA, an equally popular genre that some might consider to be a genius combination. A video depicting gameplay, which some can’t help... Read more
The creator of an anime-centric rap parody that pokes fun at “extreme waifuism” has demonstrated how easy it is to submit content as a YouTube ad, naturally amazing many as to how such a thing is not only possible but very cheap to do – though the ad will... Read more
Otaku are on the edge of their seats in anticipation as yet more animated films have been submitted for consideration of an Oscar, with one of those chosen bound to enrage its many haters should it actually succeed in garnering one. Five anime movies are present among the twenty-six... Read more