K-ON!’s nekomimi wearing guitarist Nakano Azusa has obtained a perverse pantsu-laden cosplay, bound to earn attention from the anime’s creepy otaku demographic whilst sullying the pure girl’s innocence into the bargain. Read more
A petite cosplayer by the name of Yama has taken on the appearance of Ore no Imouto’s superior maiden Kuroneko, forgoing the 2D girl’s gothic lolita attire (for most the cosplay at least) for her more exposed outfit to emphasize her cuteness. The pretty Kuroneko cosplay: Read more
With the oncoming arrival of Halloween, a variety of lascivious eroge filled to the brim with all sorts of Halloween-themed women have been made available courtesy of Nutaku, a delectable treat that any eroge enthusiast will likely find most sweet. Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: The wild and witchy Girlish... Read more
The cute and skimpy kitty figure for caramel cutie Kuro (from Prisma Illya) that arrived in September has become an even more desired collectible after being forcibly stripped by buyers, elevating the lewdness of the superb figurine significantly and sure to boost the Fate franchise’s reputation even further in... Read more
This lusty cosplayer has given online denizens some variety as the well-endowed girl has slipped into several different outfits belonging to Fate/Grand Order’s main desirable warrioress Shielder, with her exquisite beauty bound to have novice cosplayers either jealous or inspired. The fabulous cosplay: Read more
Nekopara Volume 3 Depressingly Delayed
Luscious catgirl eroge Nekopara has announced that its upcoming 3rd volume will unfortunately be delayed due to the illness of head artist Sayori, certain to have many disappointed as the incredibly sexy eroge possesses substantial popularity (perhaps not entirely thanks to its H-scenes). The official Nekopara blog post on... Read more
Cute Kitty Chloe Figure
Those who would much rather prefer the playful Chloe (also known as Kuro) of Prisma Illya rather than the innocent Illya can look forward to owning this tempting figure in September, which depicts the succulent girl dressed up in her naughty neko outfit from one of the anime’s bonus... Read more
Nyanko Days Adorably Angry
The cute kittens of Nyanko Days have continued in their “research” toward understanding the everyday activities of humans, unfortunately causing a (rather cute) fight amongst themselves that inevitably ends with them sweetly making up – a resolution that watchers would have no doubt predicted. Omake: Read more
Gokou Ruri Virgin-Killing Cosplay
Ore no Imouto’s luscious gothic lolita Gokou Ruri has managed to maintain her popularity as this raunchy cosplay attempts to “modernize” her in regards to the current fashion trend, utilizing the “virgin-killing” sweater and potentially elevating the nekomimi maiden’s sexiness in the process. The trendy cosplay: Read more
Nyanko Days Plays Around
The three main kittens of Nyanko Days have gotten an episode all to themselves due to having very little screen-time in the last few weeks, certain to melt the hearts of viewers as the cat girls attempt to understand the everyday life of their owner. Omake: Read more