Another randomly selected anime that will be receiving both a western release and an English dub has been none other than Flying Witch, a relatively boring series that has some eager to know if it has any controversial remarks in order to spice things up… The English dub PV:... Read more
The phenomenal reputation of Kemono Friends has been put to good use by Nissin Foods as they have used the franchise’s cute characters to promote their line of instant kitsune udon, a decision that will at least help fans to keep eating as they await its new upcoming season.... Read more
The cute young girls of Tenshi no 3P have once again provided watchers with some scandalous service (albeit only for a moment) as they dress up in bathing suits, with such content likely to help distract from the show’s rather uninspired plot of music and competitions. Omake: Read more
A recent Kyoto event for Fate/Grand Order has seen to the return of the giant adorable kigurumi of Saber and Gudako as well as their crazy antics, most of which go beyond the usual duties of waving and hugging that most giant mascots do… A glimpse at their humorous... Read more
Centaur no Nayami‘s temporary detour to concentration camps and race wars has thankfully concluded, returning the series to its original state by bringing back its wealth of adorable visuals courtesy of its numerous young characters. Omake: Read more
Furries have been loving the latest episode of Made in Abyss as it has showed off more of recently revealed furry character Nanachi, with the lovable ball of fluff bound to make her way into the hearts of any watcher – though xir officially ambiguous gender may be a... Read more
The latest episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon has appealed to its older demographic through nostalgia, bringing back fan favorites Misty and Brock (or Kasumi and Takeshi for those who prefer the Japanese version) as well as a myriad of other familiar characters that may convince those who have... Read more
Dating has become the central focus of Tenshi no 3P‘s next airing as the popular Kyou has a night out with some of the show’s adorable girls, though the series has not been so remiss as to neglect including some tantalizing service in addition. Omake: Read more
The 9th episode of the overly cute New Game 2 has given its newly introduced designer girls some more screen-time, with viewers bound to be thankful for the rather intimate look at one in particular due to her massive bust. Omake: Read more
Established cosplayer Enako has unleashed her magical side with this Kaname Madoka cosplay from the widely revered Madoka Magica, certain to have many of the show’s hardcore fans feeling nostalgic considering the series has yet to receive a new anime or movie as of late. The pretty pink cosplay: Read more