Tamamo Cat Figure Furiously Furry
Max Factory have shown off a more feral side of the furry-pawed Tamamo Cat from popular mobile phone game Fate/Grand Order, bound to attract hordes of kemonomimi-lovers with her cuteness when she makes her way into collections in the far off month of January. Tamamo Cat can be pre-ordered... Read more
Frame Arms Girl “Tiny But Has A Massive Heart”
Model kit promotion series Frame Arms Girl has further detailed the lives of its minuscule figure girls as they attempt to interact with everyday human objects, certain to earn the adoring praise of otaku for both its cuteness and thrilling combat scenes. Omake: Read more
Twin Angel Break Boasts Classic Mahou Shoujo Action
Twin Angel Break – a revival of the 2011 anime, which was based on a series of slot machine games – has blessed the new anime season with magical girl goodness of the traditional variety, as opposed to the edgier, darker sort that has apparently become “all the rage”.... Read more
Gennai Ao Figure “A Figure With A Figure”
Frame Arms Girl has gotten a rather early figurine from Kotobukiya despite the series having only just released its first episode, with the figure depicting the cute Gennai Ao holding up and admiring her own sentient figure girl that will no doubt make collectors jealous come September. Gennai Ao... Read more
Ero-Manga Sensei Total Hikikomori Anime
The debut episode of Ero-Manga Sensei has begun the tale of light novel writer Masamune who finds out that his illustrator is actually his own sister, no doubt leading to all sorts of hijinks whilst the unconnected siblings at last begin to bond – a premise somewhat similar to... Read more
Knife-Wielding Ram Figma
The commonly forgotten sister of Re:Zero’s unbelievably popular maid girl Rem has somehow managed to accrue enough attention to get her own figma, with the pink-haired Ram showing off her expertise in cooking and hopefully sating the hunger of figure collectors in the process when she arrives in September.... Read more
Hinako Note Absurdly Cute
Type B fans will no doubt adore Hinako Note, as the series serves as one of this season’s moe slice-of-life all girl shows and stars Hinako, who accepts a job as a scarecrow due to her innocent nature causing hordes of animals to flock to her – a comical... Read more
Northern Ocean Hime Cosplay Seemingly Innocent
Kantai Collection’s deceptively innocent abyssal enemy “Northern Ocean Hime” has acquired almost as much attention as the game’s kanmusu themselves, with this latest cosplay paying tribute to the adorable foe and bound to have many questioning why an enemy would be given such a good-natured design. The charming cosplay: Read more
Clockwork Planet Sucks Hard
Futuristic title Clockwork Planet revolves around the normal Naoto as he discovers and fixes a broken automaton that seemingly everyone is looking for, landing the youth into a world of trouble while providing viewers with a wealth of action, mystery and finger-sucking. Omake: Read more
Sakura Quest “The Epitome of Slice-of-Life”
Sakura Quest revolves around a cute girl ascending to the level of “queen” while working for a tourism agency to help breathe new life into a dying town, yet another series from P.A. Works that focuses on everyday life and real world situations – and looking sure to earn... Read more