Young and innocent Azur Lane shipgirl Unicorn has for some reason earned massive online scorn, as the unicorn-hugging girl has accumulated an abundance of all-too-cruel illustrations, possibly created by jealous Kantai Collection fans upset that the “imitation” is gaining traction. Azur Lane’s Unicorn, for those unfamiliar: Various cruel contributions... Read more
Fan favorite frog girl Asui Tsuyu of Boku no Hero Academia has obtained a rather impressive cosplay from the enticing Ristuki, who has naturally utilized a moist environment to more greatly emphasis the character’s froggy nature – though some might have preferred more exposure of the girl’s essential tongue.... Read more
Capitalizing on the popularity of the songs for Slowpoke, Mimikyu and Magikarp, yet another Pokemon song has been produced, this time for the tentacle-wielding Tentacool and bound to have fans rabidly buying up more merchandise as a result. The cute animation and song, which also has subtitles for those... Read more
The much lusted after Rem and Non-Rem come dressed in wedding outfits and ready to be used as matrimonial masturbation accessories in this rather fabulous effort. The matrimonial cosplay: Read more
Blend S‘s beach episode has bounced into view despite the currently chilling weather, offering a vast abundance of colossal breasts and adorable bikinis that will no doubt earn the favor of fans (as it usually does). Omake: Read more
Nutaku’s enticing ero-RPG Flower Knight Girl has a sexy figurine of incredibly popular flower girl Oncidium, a collectible that not only hardcore players of the game will likely appreciate but figure enthusiasts in general as well. Flower Knight Girl boasts a myriad of beautiful warrior women who must battle... Read more
Kizuna Ai has gotten notoriety in the cosplay scene as this dedicated fan has dressed up as the crazy 2D “YouTuber”, naturally providing an abundance of absurd facial expressions and definitely showing more emotion than most straight-faced cosplays. The wacky cosplay: Read more
Cosplayer Eroko Chiba has tried her hand at replicating the appearance of Ero-Manga Sensei’s Izumi Sagiri, trying out two of the girl’s cute outfits and introducing some pouty faces to help give off a better “child-like” demeanor. The marvelously moe cosplay: Read more
All girl road rage anime Two Car has heated up with its 4th episode as some of the girls have gotten into a conflict with each other, resulting in some rather suggestive dreams for one particular girl and possibly aiding in relieving her of all the stress. Omake: Read more
The cute and innocent Izumi Sagiri has proven to be quite popular lately as yet another cosplayer has dressed up as the precious imouto, naturally utilizing the 2D illustrator’s several outfits to stay as faithful as possible to the character. The abundantly moe cosplay: Read more