The admirable Atsushi has shown support for traps as she has taken on the appearance of Fate/Apocrypha’s feminine Astolfo (albeit dressed in pool attire), with those questioning their sexuality perhaps finding solace in the fact that Atsushi is a woman… The moist pool cosplay: Read more
A new update for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash has offered owners of the title some new DLC characters as well as support for PlayStation VR, allowing them to ogle their buxom shinobi and get up close and personal so as to better fantasize about their fictional existence. The... Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s not at all gruesome or menacing Frankenstein has made her way into the realm of man and otaku courtesy of this charming cosplayer, adding onto the already gargantuan pile of Fate cosplay in existence. The cute little Frankenstein cosplay: Read more
The Fate franchise’s adorable fox-eared maiden Tamamo no Mae has continued to mesmerize the cosplay community as another sexy interpretation has arisen, this time with the cosplayer dressing up in a glorious bikini and standing by a pool, a rather untimely decision that will surely be praised nonetheless. The... Read more
The next lewd visual novel from Circus to obtain an English-translated release has been none other than “Space Live“, a fun and quick visual novel featuring some idol shenanigans that will surely put a smile on the face of any idol-obsessed otaku. Space Live’s rather preposterous plot revolves around... Read more
One final salvo of service has arrived for Centaur no Nayami‘s final airing as the girls enter an RPG sort of dimension whilst wearing “bikini armor”, naturally leading to an encounter of the perverse variety that may aid in making the series more memorable. Omake: Read more
Dark-skinned gyaru and shapely bottoms drenched in oil (among other things) have served as the main appeal of “Glistening Ass Oil Mania“, harmless kinks that nearly every watcher will be able to respect and enjoy, especially those grossed out by more aggressive fetishes catering to more forceful fantasies. Glistening... Read more
The interim results for Fujimi Fantasia Bunko’s “Fantasia Heroine Swimsuit Contest” (where voters must select their favorite bikini-clad heroine from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko’s many light novels) have been unveiled, with the charming maiden from one visual novel development series currently leading the pack. The current interim results: 1. Katou... Read more
Nero Claudius and her sexy new bikini has been quickly attaining cosplay interpretations online, a rather predictable turn of events considering the popularity of Fate/Grand Order and how desperately some are when it comes to desiring attention. The sunny beach bikini cosplay: Read more
The cute young girls of Tenshi no 3P have once again provided watchers with some scandalous service (albeit only for a moment) as they dress up in bathing suits, with such content likely to help distract from the show’s rather uninspired plot of music and competitions. Omake: Read more