Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae have slipped into skimpy swimwear in this tantalizing beach cosplay, yet another instance where those unfamiliar with the Fate franchise have a chance to become interested (by way of its sexy maidens) and subsequently spend all their money on Fate/Grand Order. The large-breasted... Read more
Lusty vampiress Carmilla of Fate/Grand Order has somehow managed to make it onto the cosplay scene, with this rather convincing maiden easily pulling off an interpretation of Carmilla’s sexy bikini for fans to sink their teeth into. The beautiful bikini cosplay: Read more
One of Tenshi no 3P’s adorable girls is ready to hit the beach, as the shy and innocent Gotou Jun has slipped into a bikini that otaku will no doubt be unable to resist – Gotou Jun can come into their possession in March. Gotou Jun can be pre-ordered... Read more
The enticing Halloween outfit of Fate/Grand Order’s Florence Nightingale has made its way into sexy girl customization eroge Custom Maid 3D 2, prompting hordes of users to dress up their favorite maidens in the skimpy attire for the pleasure of others (in addition to themselves). The outfit in Custom... Read more
The 2nd volume of lusty alien ero-manga Sundome Milky Way has elevated its sexiness to extreme levels as some oral shenanigans are present, with not only the gorgeous girl receiving the moist action but the male protagonist as well (so as to not discriminate). Read more
Despite its terrifying bugs, Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation has been receiving an abundance of praise due to it introducing some sultry shower scenes for its gacha system, a perverted incentive to make players spend their hard-earned cash. The moist scenes serve as the transition sequence after players... Read more
Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (a PC version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3) has made a memorable debut as a few users have encountered a rather traumatizing bug which could easily be confused for an ill-timed Halloween mode. Aside from system errors and difficulties getting the game... Read more
The cute and innocent Non Non Biyori has had its purity tainted with an animated “nude” filter, elevating the lewdness of the anime’s bikini-laden beach episode significantly but bound to usher in the usual complaints about the unnecessary censorship. The nudification of Non Non Biyori and its maidens: Read more
The superbly sexy Yowane Haku has been receiving quite a bit of attention recently from erotic MikuMikuDance creators as the desirable woman has once again danced and copulated in the same animation, a combination that apparently accrues a decent amount of profits via Patreon (so long as its not... Read more
Blend S‘s beach episode has bounced into view despite the currently chilling weather, offering a vast abundance of colossal breasts and adorable bikinis that will no doubt earn the favor of fans (as it usually does). Omake: Read more