Gunslinger magical girl Akemi Homura has drawn one of her many firearms to fight off the evil witches as demonstrated by this new cosplay, with the cosplayer matching the fictional girl’s attitude by providing the usual emotionless expression – which was no doubt unintentional. The well-armed Homura cosplay: Read more
Stunning cosplayer Sakuramomo has tried her hand at replicating an outfit of Fate/Grand Order’s Shielder, with the woman refusing to turn down the chance at gaining a significant amount of views by way of the ridiculously popular smartphone game. The pretty poolside cosplay: Read more
The latest highly rapacious and depraved ero-anime in quite some time has appeared in the form of “Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou”, which features a variety of women being violated against their will by the grotesque protagonist – even offering the rarer reverse rape scenarios. Omake: Read more
Long-winded ero-anime “Kiniitta Chitsu ni Ikinari Nakadashi OK na Resort Shima” revolves around privileged males attending a rather extravagant resort where they can have sex with all sorts of wondrous women, a fantasy that any amorous male has no doubt dreamed of and likely wishes existed in real life.... Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s ever beautiful and bespectacled shield-girl Mashu Kyrielite has once again gained the appreciation of a 3D woman as this cosplay depicts the girl in a small and abundantly fluffy outfit, with the adorable animal ears likely to be the icing on the cake for some. The fluffy... Read more
The astronomically widespread popularity of Fate/Grand Order has continued to overtake the cosplay community as yet another breath-taking cosplay of the sexy Shielder has emerged, unsurprisingly utilizing the girl’s marvelous megane and making use of a cute outfit to appeal to otaku who love all things cute and frilly.... Read more
The fan-created holiday known as Megane day has arrived and given otaku everywhere a chance to revel in the eyewear-based fetish as artists, cosplayers and enthusiasts alike have taken to social media to celebrate the special occasion. Some of the illustrations produced for the holiday: Read more
Neptunia’s lovably innocent Neptune has gotten an immensely naughty interpretation thanks to the luscious Eri Kitami, with this cosplay exposing various parts of the woman’s spectacular body but unfortunately teasing onlookers by refusing to show them completely. Read more
This lusty cosplayer has given online denizens some variety as the well-endowed girl has slipped into several different outfits belonging to Fate/Grand Order’s main desirable warrioress Shielder, with her exquisite beauty bound to have novice cosplayers either jealous or inspired. The fabulous cosplay: Read more
The 9th episode of the overly cute New Game 2 has given its newly introduced designer girls some more screen-time, with viewers bound to be thankful for the rather intimate look at one in particular due to her massive bust. Omake: Read more