Zodiac Sign Lingerie “Out of This World!”
The artist responsible for sketching lingerie based on chess pieces and gundam mechs has had some of his sexy designs transformed into actual naughty clothing, with the luscious lingerie this time being inspired by the 12 Zodiac signs. Japanese lingerie manufacturer Izumi have blessed the talented artist with the... Read more
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers × Ford
Western Sentai bastardization Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers has become the next series to star in parody videos promoting a Ford vehicle, this time utilizing a myriad of clever quips for the 2017 Ford Escape as the company attempts to reel in buyers with the magic of nostalgia. The humorous... Read more
Good Smile Racing 2017 Song Selected
The musical theme of 2017’s Racing Miku design has at last been released online, certain to have fans pumped up for the races and bound to become inspiration for numerous generic MMD videos across the internet – and possibly even the more perverted ones. Racing Miku 2017’s theme, one... Read more
Marukome Miso Soup Anime CMs Return
Food company Marukome have once again relied on the power of anime to create another CM promoting their miso soup, a wise decision considering how powerful the medium has become. The new animated CM by Studio Robot, which has once again focused around Marukome food products bringing families together:... Read more
NieR’s Yoko Taro Documentary Emerges
A documentary of sorts for NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro (known for wearing a weird unwieldy mask) has emerged, providing plenty of insight into his work and design theories along with some absurd scenes to help maintain viewer interest, a rather expected turn of events considering the man actively... Read more
Developer Dingo Files For Bankruptcy
Game development studio Dingo (responsible for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Photo Kano, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva and more) have filed for bankruptcy, a turn of events that will no doubt upset their hordes of fans despite them mostly only producing games from existing franchises. The sudden inaccessibility of... Read more
Final Fantasy XV × Blue Reflection
Gust’s upcoming mahou shoujo RPG Blue Reflection has been blessed with collaboration costumes from Final Fantasy XV, certain to elevate interest in the seemingly bland title whilst alerting many unaware individuals of its existence. An hour-long live stream event for the RPG (perfect for those wishing to know more... Read more
IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls × Snickers
Otaku may actually benefit from ingesting fattening foods for once as the beloved IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls have formed a collaboration event with Snickers, giving those who tweet about the sugary snack a chance to receive a reply from one of the mobile game’s precious idols. The collaboration’s announcement video,... Read more
Anime Song Streaming Service ANiUTa Emerges
Otaku obsessed with listening to famous anime songs, Vocaloid or celebrated scores from noteworthy video games may perhaps appreciate the convenience provided by the recently unveiled ANiUTa, a streaming service that allows users to easily listen to the aforementioned music all in one place without having to rummage through... Read more
English Teaching Textbook “Has Madoka too!”
Seemingly following suit to the “goddess” of anime, the stupendously popular Madoka Magica and its lovable magical girls have also appeared in an English-teaching textbook meant for Japanese students, although whether this will actually aid the not untypically abysmal English skills of learners is another matter. Some students who... Read more