The ever popular concept of anthropomorphized ship-girls has strayed away from the browser game genre as “Battleship Girls Let’s Set Sail” has taken the form of a MOBA, an equally popular genre that some might consider to be a genius combination. A video depicting gameplay, which some can’t help... Read more
The creator of an anime-centric rap parody that pokes fun at “extreme waifuism” has demonstrated how easy it is to submit content as a YouTube ad, naturally amazing many as to how such a thing is not only possible but very cheap to do – though the ad will... Read more
US game show and pop culture weather-vane Jeopardy has seemingly tried to become “hip” with the kids as well as ota-barbarians by introducing a “manga” category for one of its latest episodes, no doubt proving relatively simple for the many grizzled veterans on the subject. All the questions from... Read more
Japan’s highly celebrated idols have now begun dabbling in the atrocious art of “lets playing”, a predictable turn of events considering the the idol industry’s predatory hold on otaku culture. NMB48’s 20-year-old idol and aspiring comedian Ishizuka Akari, who started her channel about 2 months ago, has already managed... Read more
An assortment of cosplayers were unsurprisingly present at the Fantasia Bunko Big Thanks Festival 2017 event, promoting all sorts of franchises whilst handing out fliers; with the event also having tons of collectibles on display in case 3D women aren’t preferable to some attendees. The bustling event: Read more
Japan has been desperately trying to understand why Americans have been obsessing over McDonald’s return of its “schezuan sauce” sauce-like product, due to it being featured popular Rick and Morty cartoon. Part of the Rick and Morty episode where Rick goes on a tangent about the coveted condiment which... Read more
A rather joyous live action promotional video has emerged for Super Mario Odyssey, with previous accusations of the game being racist apparently vanishing despite the video once again revealing the “offensive” Mexican outfit. The flashy live action promotion: Super Mario Odyssey will make the plunge onto the Nintendo Switch... Read more
In an attempt to generate more viewers, a special calendar website has emerged for maid cafe anime Blend S, with the main attraction being that every day a new sadistic voice-line will be provided courtesy of the anime’s main heroine Sakuranomiya Maika. A few of the voice-lines that have... Read more
Those present at Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival 2017 discovered that by utilizing an augmented reality program, users could undress the anime character standees on display in the “Dengeki Bunko Heroines Secret Room”, a delightful attraction that will no doubt prove effective in promoting Dengeki’s franchises. The standees and their... Read more
Gundam’s cute spherical mascot Haro is getting an intelligent talking robot that fans can eventually purchase and take home for themselves, with the most hardcore Gundam fans bound to be desperate to get their hands on one. Passersby at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba were able to... Read more