Gabriel Dropout’s ever gullible but highly adorable Satanichia (commonly known as Satania) has made her way to the real world in order to spread her influence, wearing a rather cute outfit and some horns to better display her demon status. The satisfactory Satania cosplay: Read more
The beloved Kizuna Ai has unsurprisingly inspired the creation of yet another “virtual YouTuber” attempting to leech off her success, this time with a fluffy 2D fox-girl voiced by an old man getting her time in the spotlight. In her videos, the virtual kemonomimi girl regards herself as a... Read more
Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae have slipped into skimpy swimwear in this tantalizing beach cosplay, yet another instance where those unfamiliar with the Fate franchise have a chance to become interested (by way of its sexy maidens) and subsequently spend all their money on Fate/Grand Order. The large-breasted... Read more
Pettanko enthusiasts have finally gotten a cosplay catered solely to them as a flat 3D maiden has dressed herself up in Shuten Douji‘s incredibly tiny outfit, a Fate character that unfortunately boasts little renown but will surely be respected for her sexiness nonetheless. The terrifically titillating cosplay: Read more
Cute fox-girl anime Konohana Kitan has become significantly sexier with the introduction of a rather gargantuan goddess, naturally bringing her straight into the bath so that viewers have the pleasure of witnessing her in the nude. Omake: Read more
The internet’s newfound obsession with Azur Lane has naturally made its way to the cosplay scene as numerous cosplayers across social media have been posting pictures of themselves dressed as the game’s incredible girls, leaving some to wonder if C93 will have an abundance of Azur Lane cosplay as... Read more
The Fate franchise’s fox-eared Tamamo no Mae has consistently received a great deal of attention from extravagant cosplayer Ely, with the girl having dressed up in maid attire, a seifuku, a bathing suit and many other fetish fuel outfits whilst donning the magical fox girl’s cute ears. Read more
Chinese Zodiac tournament anime Juuni Taisen has catered to male perverts at last as a rather ferociously sexy tiger woman has appeared, bound to make the series significantly more appealing – no thanks to the show’s scantily clad bunny man… Omake: Read more
Azur Lane has continued to dominate the cosplay scene as yet another cosplay has emerged for characters Kaga and Akagi, boasting their usual kemonomimi charm that their Kantai Collection equivalents unfortunately lack and sure to have fans heralding the imminent death of Kantai Collection. The doubly foxy cosplay: Read more
Those who love fox-eared girls may take a liking to the Konmusu onahole as its box-art features just such a 2D woman, though whether the device boasts any distinguishing features beyond box-art is likely a question only the most extreme ona-hole aficionados can answer. The foxy Konmusu onahole is... Read more