Azur Lane has continued to show its dominance as desirable 3D woman Sherryken has dressed up as the game’s fox-maiden Kaga, demonstrating a level of quality that will surely attract attention to not only herself but the steadily growing smartphone game as well. Her busty cosplay: Read more
Fate/Extella’s fabulously foxy Tamamo no Mae has slipped into a startlingly sensuous seifuku thanks to Phat Company, with her rather “unkempt” look bound to be the figure’s most alluring aspect – Tamamo no Mae can cast a spell on buyers come June. Tamamo no Mae can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Azur Lane’s popularity has managed to extend to the cosplay community as the large-breasted Atago has snatched herself a 3D interpretation, one that has been made ever more sharp with the addition of a sword; though some might debate over whether the cosplayer is wielding a 2nd sword of... Read more
The new fall season has introduced one of its moe slice-of-life shows, with Konohana Kitan doling out an abundance of adorable fox-eared girls for moe-loving otaku to fawn over while also divulging some sexy bathing antics to heat things up. Omake: Read more
The Fate franchise’s adorable fox-eared maiden Tamamo no Mae has continued to mesmerize the cosplay community as another sexy interpretation has arisen, this time with the cosplayer dressing up in a glorious bikini and standing by a pool, a rather untimely decision that will surely be praised nonetheless. The... Read more
Memorable fox-girl Ahri from the widely lauded League of Legends has gotten a unique cosplay from the capable Hedy, who has slipped into an outfit inspired by Overwatch’s gamer girl DVa and bound to lure in fans from both gargantuan franchises. The cute combo cosplay: Read more
The phenomenal reputation of Kemono Friends has been put to good use by Nissin Foods as they have used the franchise’s cute characters to promote their line of instant kitsune udon, a decision that will at least help fans to keep eating as they await its new upcoming season.... Read more
Centaur no Nayami‘s temporary detour to concentration camps and race wars has thankfully concluded, returning the series to its original state by bringing back its wealth of adorable visuals courtesy of its numerous young characters. Omake: Read more
A rather sunny beach cosplay has emerged for Ore no Imouto’s eternally revered Gokou Ruri, depicting a more brave form of the timid Kuroneko that fans of the show will surely fawn over whilst also giving them one last searingly sexy event before the arrival of autumn. The beautiful... Read more
A rather impressive Kemono Friends parody video has graced NicoNico Douga, depicting the cute animal girls taking part in a turn-based battle and easily earning accolades from the franchise’s gargantuan fanbase – while also causing some to wish the cute series had an RPG of such caliber. The NND... Read more