The debut of the unique Inuyashiki has been earning praise for its older male protagonist (a rarity) as well as its odd premise of turning him into a deadly weapon; those who have read the manga however are already on the edge of their seats wondering if the author’s... Read more
  To celebrate the release of Inuyashiki, a TV anime based on the dark science fiction manga by Hiroya Oku, the official Youtube channel for Fuji TV’s noitaminA programming block has released a “special collaboration preview video” that features footage from the anime series juxtaposed alongside Japanese rock band MAN... Read more
New cast announcements, a new preview video, and the ending theme performers have been revealed for Inuyashiki, an upcoming TV anime based on the dark science fiction manga by Hiroya Oku about a middle-aged man who is accidentally transformed into a superhuman cyborg.     The new teaser trailer highlights... Read more
Noritake Kinashi Ages Up for "Inuyashiki" Role
In the manga Inuyashiki, the title character — an old, kindhearted man — receives a super-strong mechanical body after a mysterious explosion in a public park. To make that work in a live-action adaptation, you’d either have to age up a younger man or find Japan’s version of Jack Palance.... Read more
TV Anime And Live-Action Movie To Adapt "Gantz" Creator’s "Inuyashiki"
Today’s big roll out of Noitamina plans revealed a slate of projects for Gantz’s creator Hiroya Oku’s 2014 sci-fi manga Inuyashiki. Rage of Bahamut Genesis’ Keiichi Satou is back at MAPPA as chief director for a fall 2017 TV anime with Kabaneri/Attack on Titan’s 3D director as this project’s director. This will be followed by a... Read more