Upcoming generic Dragon Ball Z fighting game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has informed fans that the game will possess a sexy new character known as Android 21, with her reveal causing quite the commotion and prompting the Dragon Ball Z community to react in the only way they can –... Read more
Those of Nutaku’s vast library of downloadable eroge and visual novels that have gained popularity this month have been sorted into a handy list, perfect for those itching to try out something new in the eroge scene whilst being guaranteed at least some level of quality. Galaxy Girls: Galaxy... Read more
The 11th episode of over-the-top classroom drama Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e has led to the show’s main characters running into yet more conflict, now introducing ludicrous fight scenes and a bland reveal of the obvious culprit that viewers may be more interested in the brief shower... Read more
Dark-skinned gyaru and shapely bottoms drenched in oil (among other things) have served as the main appeal of “Glistening Ass Oil Mania“, harmless kinks that nearly every watcher will be able to respect and enjoy, especially those grossed out by more aggressive fetishes catering to more forceful fantasies. Glistening... Read more
Nero Claudius and her sexy new bikini has been quickly attaining cosplay interpretations online, a rather predictable turn of events considering the popularity of Fate/Grand Order and how desperately some are when it comes to desiring attention. The sunny beach bikini cosplay: Read more
Japan’s classic “Prussian cadet” schoolboy uniform has become the center of attention for once as a sexy sukumizu based on the well-known “gakuran” pattern arises, with the fashion item inspiring artists to sketch up illustrations much like the other fad costumes before it. Created by fashion label School Fiction,... Read more
The cute young girls of Tenshi no 3P have once again provided watchers with some scandalous service (albeit only for a moment) as they dress up in bathing suits, with such content likely to help distract from the show’s rather uninspired plot of music and competitions. Omake: Read more
Silver-haired fighter girl Kiana of Honkai Impact (a likely unknown smartphone game) has obtained a moment in the spotlight thanks to glorious cosplayer Liu You Qi Sevenbaby, who has dressed up as the desirable woman and will surely boost the game’s reputation due to her well made assets. Read more
Centaur no Nayami‘s temporary detour to concentration camps and race wars has thankfully concluded, returning the series to its original state by bringing back its wealth of adorable visuals courtesy of its numerous young characters. Omake: Read more
IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls and precious idol Kanzaki Ranko have continued to collect notoriety and fame thanks to the emergence of yet another breath-taking cosplay, which has quite effectively replicated both the chuunibyou girl’s appearance and personality. The praise-worthy cosplay: Read more