Young and innocent Azur Lane shipgirl Unicorn has for some reason earned massive online scorn, as the unicorn-hugging girl has accumulated an abundance of all-too-cruel illustrations, possibly created by jealous Kantai Collection fans upset that the “imitation” is gaining traction. Azur Lane’s Unicorn, for those unfamiliar: Various cruel contributions... Read more
Saki spin-off manga “Toki” has been accruing some attention due to its wealth of extravagantly sexy milf characters, with one in particular proving to be quite the cougar as indicated by her attire (despite being something most Japanese mothers certainly wouldn’t or couldn’t wear). Toki, a prequel to the... Read more
Fan favorite frog girl Asui Tsuyu of Boku no Hero Academia has obtained a rather impressive cosplay from the enticing Ristuki, who has naturally utilized a moist environment to more greatly emphasis the character’s froggy nature – though some might have preferred more exposure of the girl’s essential tongue.... Read more
Pussy-sucking guro artist Shoko Nakagawa has disturbed the internet yet again as she has obsessed over the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, naturally reveling in her purchases by carrying them around in her mouth – which she has done on other occasions, strangely enough. Shoko’s... Read more
Heavily memed waitress anime Blend S has continued to cater towards specific fetishes as fever-inducing blonde Hinata Kaho has gotten a tan, adding a distinct “caramel” flavor to the show’s endless onslaught of service. Omake: Read more
The bestial Nidalee of League of Legends has proven popular once more as this cosplayer has dressed up in the woman’s classic attire, managing to further blur the lines between CG, Photoshop and cosplay prowess in the process. The ferociously sexy cosplay: Read more
The latest mind-blowing episode of Inuyashiki has attempted to make viewers feel for its mass murderer by putting him through some traumatically devastating moments, which have led to him getting revenge on evil 2channelers. Omake: Read more
The sheer quality of Dynamic Chord, an anime that has been gaining recognition due to its absurdly lazy animation and terrible visuals, is attracting rather more attention than anything it could ever put in its episodes. The anime is based on the otome musical-themed visual novel series of the... Read more
Kantai Collection’s gorgeous Amatsukaze has ventured into the outside world for this new cosplay, a simple task for the kanmusu (unlike many reclusive NEETs) though some may dislike the cosplayer due to her having previously cosplayed as Azur Lane characters. The awesome Amatsukaze cosplay: Read more
Breath of the Wild’s high marks have been demonstrated once again as a new erotic animation has been produced, this time featuring moist Zora maiden Mipha as she has a rather vanilla encounter with Link and bound to make watchers desperately want to see her ravaged by monsters. The... Read more