The arrival of Pocky Day 2017 has once again brought about more tasty illustrations on Twitter and other social media platforms, with the unofficial holiday seeming to be nothing more than a scheme for artists to garner attention (and possibly for Glico to sell more Pocky). Read more
A life-sized figurine of K-ON’s eternally worshiped Nakano Azusa (unveiled during Summer Wonder Festival 2017) is on the verge of going on sale just in time for the fictional guitarist’s birthday, which in turn prompted the pathetically lonely posting of cake-laden shrines and illustrations from still besotted fans. The... Read more
The 4th division of Asiagraph’s children’s art contest has turned some heads as the quality of some of the submissions has been rather impressive, though the most astonishing part may be the fact that children as young as 14-years-old created these illustrations. Some of the most talked about submissions: Read more
The winning entry for the annual Snow Miku design contest has been announced, with 2018’s design seemingly taking on a shrine maiden theme, a fitting idea considering how widely worshiped Hatsune Miku has become around the world. Snow Miku 2018’s winning design, along with a new illustration: The previous... Read more
Kemono Friends concept designer Yoshizaki Mine gifted Tobu Zoo with his latest illustration, a tribute to the passing of beloved penguin Grape-kun that many had apparently mistaken as being present in the penguin exhibit as a cutout. Tobu Zoo showed off the illustration via Twitter: “Yoshizaki-sensei, thank you so... Read more
Grape-kun, the 21-year-old Humboldt penguin that had seemingly fallen in love with a cardboard standee of Kemono Friend’s Hululu, has unfortunately passed away, throwing the Internet into chaos as they wept for the adorably innocent animal. Shortly after announcing the “Autumn Grape Festival” that would be held in honor... Read more
The previously announced Hentai Heroes art contest has continued to gain traction as a vast abundance of new illustrations have joined the fray, with the participating artists all eager to acquire that $1200 first place prize. The contest, being held in honor of the first anniversary for Hentai Heroes,... Read more
The fan-created holiday known as Megane day has arrived and given otaku everywhere a chance to revel in the eyewear-based fetish as artists, cosplayers and enthusiasts alike have taken to social media to celebrate the special occasion. Some of the illustrations produced for the holiday: Read more
Upcoming generic Dragon Ball Z fighting game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has informed fans that the game will possess a sexy new character known as Android 21, with her reveal causing quite the commotion and prompting the Dragon Ball Z community to react in the only way they can –... Read more
President Trump has surgically struck best Korea with one of his notorious Twitter kill shots, dubbing pot shot dictator Kim Jong Un “rocket man” (faithfully reported by the Japanese media as “roketto-man”) both on Twitter and then in an actual address to the UN. The tweet from Trump himself... Read more