Fate/stay night I.presage flower continues to spoil its Japanese fan base with new weekly gifts for theater goers. From sketch cards to exclusive art of main girl Sakura as, like, everyone, fans can potentially walk away with new swag every time they see the movie. A smart... Read more
 Anime movie Fate/stay night THE MOVIE I. presage flower was presented in North America premiere at The Theatre at Ace Hotel (Los Angeles, CA) on Friday, November 3rd . It will then be presented in American theaters in the coming weeks and into December. To go with this a special,... Read more
The most popular anime maidens and males of the month have been selected once again courtesy of NewType, resulting in one particular anime movie topping the list – and even surpassing the incredibly revered Sword Art Online in the process. The female ranking: 1. Sakura Matou (Fate/stay night Heaven’s... Read more
The debut of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower has put the Type-Moon cast front and center in the character rankings from the December issue of anime magazine Newtype. And yet, it was time for fans to remember a certain blue oni, who made (or maid) after an absence dating back... Read more
Fate/stay night – 「Ⅰ.presage flower hit Japan on October 14th. There’s a US premiere this weekend, and then more American screenings later in the month. One of the associated, limited merchandise items tied to the movie is a spinner inspired by Lancer’s namesake weapon, Gáe Bolg. The Aniplex+ store is not only one... Read more
The Fate franchise’s Tamamo no Mae has hit the beach according to this cute cosplay, which depicts the foxy character wearing one of her well-known bikinis and bound to earn favor with fans who can appreciate even a real woman’s beauty. The foxy beach cosplay: Read more
  All things considered, it’s probably best to have Sakura Matou on your side. And Fate/Grand Order players in Japan have been able to do just that thanks to the film tie-in campaign. Each week, Sakura has appeared as a new four-star Servant for the summoning. Just go to your... Read more
He’s not the luckiest Servant. Or the most powerful. Or the most success. But, he is one of the ones who you’d probably most want to hang with. It’s Cu Chulainn, from Fate/stay night (here, labeled with his Fate/Grand Order appearance). And, he’s now a poseable figma, offered by Good Smile Company and... Read more
Fate/stay night I.presage flower is in its third weekend.  Promoting the Ufotable adaptation of the Type-Moon visual novel’s third route, an action-packed new promo has been published.   【新CM第2弾公開!】劇中の戦闘シーンを集めた新CMが公開となりました! 劇場版「Fate 」は絶賛公開中です!ぜひ劇場にお越しくださいませ!#fate_sn_anime pic.twitter.com/Be1a89Cn6o — Fate/stay night (@Fate_SN_Anime) October 27, 2017 【新CM第2弾公開!】劇中の戦闘シーンを集めた新CMが公開となりました! 劇場版「Fate 」は絶賛公開中です!ぜひ劇場にお越しくださいませ!#fate_sn_anime pic.twitter.com/Be1a89Cn6o — Fate/stay night (@Fate_SN_Anime) October... Read more
  Japanese theatergoers have been getting an extra treat as they go to see Fate/stay night I.presage flower. Well, besides getting to see it already. Each week, a new trio of postcards is release, handed out randomly to attendees.   This week’s cards feature a dip into the... Read more