It’s almost Christmas, and Fate/Grand Order’s (and /Apocrypha and /strange fake – sortof) Jack the Ripper has been a good girl this year. So, here’s your chance to bring the young lady, if not home for the holidays, then at least home later in 2018. Sentinal has launch pre-orders for their 4 Inch Nel line release of... Read more
The Fate/Grand Order storyline previously travel to America in The Fifth Grail: A.D. 1783 — The Great North American War of the Myths – E Pluribus Unum — The White Cloth of Steel. Now, it’s on its way back to the continent, if not the country as part of the Epic of Remnant... Read more
  Once you’re done grabbing your Demon Archer and (if you’re luckier than us) Sakura Saber, start saving up your tickets and Saint Quartz for Fate/Grand Order‘s new girl. Scáthach, mentor to Cú Chulainn and wielder of Gae Bolg, will be joining the game starting on Thanksgiving Day.    ... Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s charming Shielder can be seen wearing a beautiful white dress in this rather out of season cosplay, bound to elevate the woman’s beauty significantly even though some hopeless individuals may be thinking of Shielder rather than the cosplayer herself. The jaw-dropping cosplay: Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s voluptuous Florence Nightingale has gotten a cosplay from the charming Hiroko Akutagawa, which has made use of her fabulously skimpy nurse-themed Halloween outfit – which may possibly even rival Shielder’s previous wolf-themed outfit from last year in terms of sexiness. The busty cosplay: Read more
When Fate/stay night was originally conceived by Kinoko Nasu in college, the protagonist was a young girl with glasses and Saber was a male. As the series became popular, and more iterations were developed, this was revisited as Fate/Prototype, featured in an OVA, released with the Carnival Phantasm spoofs, drama CD, light novels, manga,... Read more
  Recovered from Elizabeth Báthory’s Halloween extravaganza yet? Fate/Grand Order players in the US have five more days to collect their Saint Quartz and Summon Tickets to prepare for the arrival of two new Servants: the Demon Archer Oda Nobunaga and the Sakura Saber Okita Souji.     The... Read more
  All things considered, it’s probably best to have Sakura Matou on your side. And Fate/Grand Order players in Japan have been able to do just that thanks to the film tie-in campaign. Each week, Sakura has appeared as a new four-star Servant for the summoning. Just go to your... Read more
He’s not the luckiest Servant. Or the most powerful. Or the most success. But, he is one of the ones who you’d probably most want to hang with. It’s Cu Chulainn, from Fate/stay night (here, labeled with his Fate/Grand Order appearance). And, he’s now a poseable figma, offered by Good Smile Company and... Read more
Mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order is busy celebrating ghostly fun with with Halloween Strike! Devil’s Building Climber : Great Decisive Battle at Himeji Castle. There’s Mecha Eli-chan and Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II – drawn by Arco Wada and illustrated by Rumi Ookubo and Osakabehime, drawn by Chrono Crusade‘s Daisuke Moriyama and voiced by Misati Fukuen. There’s also some... Read more