Crunchyroll Announces Sakura-Con 2017 Plans!
Here at Crunchyroll, we’re keeping the momentum going with the next stop on our convention tour — Sakura-Con! We’ll be in Seattle, Washington this weekend for the 20th anniversary of Sakura-Con and we’re bringing you all a power-packed line up of panels, merch, and of course, free swag. And... Read more
First Ever Mecha Match Slated For August
The first ever mecha duel previously declared between the US and Japan is to debut in August, finally pitting each country’s giant metal monsters against each other to determine which is superior when it comes to designing hulking and sadly as yet still impractical weapons of war. The battle,... Read more
Good Smile Racing 2017 Song Selected
The musical theme of 2017’s Racing Miku design has at last been released online, certain to have fans pumped up for the races and bound to become inspiration for numerous generic MMD videos across the internet – and possibly even the more perverted ones. Racing Miku 2017’s theme, one... Read more
Kanamara Matsuri 2017 Bigger Than Ever
The 2017 edition of the Kanamara Matsuri has seen giant phalluses once again be carried through the streets of Kawasaki in a somewhat suspect act of Shinto reverence, garnering more and more attendees with every passing year due to its splendidly bizarre nature, appeal to barbarian perverts, and of... Read more
April Fools’ 2017 Weirder Than Ever
Another salvo of treacherous tricks and underhanded jokes have emerged with the arrival of April Fools’ Day, certain to have the usual abundance of gullible fools tweeting madly about all the great new content that has been conveniently announced all on the same day (and ignoring the occasional unfortunately... Read more
Final Fantasy XV × Blue Reflection
Gust’s upcoming mahou shoujo RPG Blue Reflection has been blessed with collaboration costumes from Final Fantasy XV, certain to elevate interest in the seemingly bland title whilst alerting many unaware individuals of its existence. An hour-long live stream event for the RPG (perfect for those wishing to know more... Read more
Fire Emblem Heroes Bunny Outfits Arrive For Spring
Fire Emblem Heroes – one of Nintendo’s late attempts to milk mobile players dry – has obtained some cute bunny-based outfits for its many recruit-able heroes to celebrate the arrival of spring – and to possibly convince younger players into purchasing them with their moderate sex appeal. A PV... Read more
IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls × Snickers
Otaku may actually benefit from ingesting fattening foods for once as the beloved IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls have formed a collaboration event with Snickers, giving those who tweet about the sugary snack a chance to receive a reply from one of the mobile game’s precious idols. The collaboration’s announcement video,... Read more
Anime Japan 2017 Cosplay Spectacularly Cute
The arrival of Anime Japan 2017 has brought the usual hype-inducing announcements along with a bunch of PVs for upcoming shows, additionally causing numerous cosplayers (and booth babes) to flock to the event to demonstrate their passion for all things anime. Some of the cosplayers and booth babes present... Read more
Anime Japan 2017 Full of Good News
The advent of Anime Japan 2017 has greeted attendees with an overwhelming abundance of PVs and announcements for upcoming shows, bound to induce excitement amongst otaku as they attempt to pick out the shows that they believe will be worth watching. The plethora of PVs that were revealed during... Read more