Cosplayer Eroko Chiba has tried her hand at replicating the appearance of Ero-Manga Sensei’s Izumi Sagiri, trying out two of the girl’s cute outfits and introducing some pouty faces to help give off a better “child-like” demeanor. The marvelously moe cosplay: Read more
The cute and innocent Izumi Sagiri has proven to be quite popular lately as yet another cosplayer has dressed up as the precious imouto, naturally utilizing the 2D illustrator’s several outfits to stay as faithful as possible to the character. The abundantly moe cosplay: Read more

Top 10 Best Imouto

News Sep 8, 2017

The beloved imouto has served as the focus of this latest anime-centric ranking, which has asked its many voters who they believe to be the best imouto – a privilege given to the little sister of one rather clever school-life series. The ranking: 1. Hikigaya Komachi (Oregairu) 2. Izumi... Read more
Ero-Manga Sensei Total Hikikomori Anime
The debut episode of Ero-Manga Sensei has begun the tale of light novel writer Masamune who finds out that his illustrator is actually his own sister, no doubt leading to all sorts of hijinks whilst the unconnected siblings at last begin to bond – a premise somewhat similar to... Read more