Alice Margatroid Cosplay by Ely Astoundingly Elegant
Touhou’s master puppeteer Alice Margatroid has had her sophisticated appeal imitated by none other than the established Ely, certain to do the bespectacled maiden justice and bound to become a favorite amongst Touhou fans thanks to her great beauty and even greater bosom. Ely’s admirable Alice cosplay: Read more
I-No Cosplay by Ely Harmonious Indeed
Musical battle maiden I-No of the Guilty Gear series has gotten some wild praise due to the admirable Ely imitating her busty appearance, certain to become the standard for all future cosplays of the desirable character. The witchy cosplay: Read more
Yuzuriha Inori Cosplay by Elye Extravagantly Pink
Guilty Crown’s Yuzuriha Inori (who is also a mascot of sorts for Japanese pop music duo EGOIST) has obtained a tribute from established cosplayer Elye, resonating well with the anime fans who are obsessed with outlandish hair colors and receiving praise for being able to effectively pull off such... Read more
Gorgeously Extravagant Sakuya Izayoi Cosplay by Ely
Fancifully frilly attire has starred as the focus of this Sakuya Izayoi cosplay created by the talented Ely, with the aforementioned maid outfit bound to receive a lot more praise than the beautiful cosplayer for once due to its sophistication and exquisite detail. The stunning Sakuya cosplay, which features... Read more
Perfect Hatsune Miku China Dress Cosplay by Elye
Beautiful 2D conqueror Hatsune Miku has had her virtual appearance perfectly replicated by way of the skillful Elye, paying tribute to the fabulous Vocaloid with this sexy China dress cosplay and perhaps satiating the fantasies of otaku who so desperately wish 2D would become a reality. The superb China... Read more