Goten and Trunks are absurdly excited to be able to fuse their way into Dragon Ball FighterZ as Gotenks. Bandai Namco Entertainment America officially announced the Fusion Dance creation as part of the fighter along with Kid Buu and Adult Gohan, and you can see Gotenks’ contagious level... Read more
  Last week’s Dragon Ball FighterZ character trailer featured Android 16, so it’s only appropriate that we stick with the super-powered machine theme and move on to Android 18. Watch her powerful moves below as 18 unleashes combos along with her assist character Android 17.     Dragon Ball... Read more
If you see the upcoming launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ as a good excuse to get a new fight stick, it seems as if HORI has something appropriate in the works. Using what appears to be a Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa stick as a base, the themed stick... Read more
  The latest promo for Dragon Ball FighterZ is here to usher in the mighty Android 16. Check him out in action in the brief clip below, which has him taking on his foes with powerful moves like Hell’s Flash.     Dragon Ball FighterZ hits PS4, Xbox One,... Read more
  Hopefully you’re ready to step into Goku’s body, because that’s exactly what’s going down in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Bandai Namco is here to set up the story in English with the first subtitled story trailer, offering up a localization of some of the footage we posted yesterday.   ... Read more
  It’s time to take a break from the world of individual character promos in favor of the third full trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The hotly-anticipated fighter is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the west on January 26, followed by Japan on February 1, so... Read more
Next up in Bandai Namco’s showcase of Dragon Ball FighterZ combatants is fan-favorite Frieza flunky Captain Ginyu. The game itself hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the west on January 26, 2018 with early betas running.    Captain Ginyu is ready to switch bodies with the rest of the Dragon Ball FighterZ... Read more
  One of the recently-revealed additions to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster was none other than Nappa, who can pit Saibamen on his foes and blast out his special Break Cannon technique. Bandai Namco Enterainment followed up this week with a character trailer, so you can see the Saiyan... Read more
A February 1 Japanese release was recently announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the west will actually get it a few days earlier. Bandai Namco announced plans for the fighter’s release in North America and Europe, where it will land on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with a bunch... Read more
The latest issue of V-Jump has some new info on Dragon Ball FighterZ, which officially launches in Japan on February 1, 2018. The western release is planned for “early 2018,” so it’ll probably end up being around the same time, but we’ll have to wait for an announcement.  ... Read more