Fan favorite frog girl Asui Tsuyu of Boku no Hero Academia has obtained a rather impressive cosplay from the enticing Ristuki, who has naturally utilized a moist environment to more greatly emphasis the character’s froggy nature – though some might have preferred more exposure of the girl’s essential tongue.... Read more
Gunslinger magical girl Akemi Homura has drawn one of her many firearms to fight off the evil witches as demonstrated by this new cosplay, with the cosplayer matching the fictional girl’s attitude by providing the usual emotionless expression – which was no doubt unintentional. The well-armed Homura cosplay: Read more
The bestial Nidalee of League of Legends has proven popular once more as this cosplayer has dressed up in the woman’s classic attire, managing to further blur the lines between CG, Photoshop and cosplay prowess in the process. The ferociously sexy cosplay: Read more
Kantai Collection’s gorgeous Amatsukaze has ventured into the outside world for this new cosplay, a simple task for the kanmusu (unlike many reclusive NEETs) though some may dislike the cosplayer due to her having previously cosplayed as Azur Lane characters. The awesome Amatsukaze cosplay: Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s charming Shielder can be seen wearing a beautiful white dress in this rather out of season cosplay, bound to elevate the woman’s beauty significantly even though some hopeless individuals may be thinking of Shielder rather than the cosplayer herself. The jaw-dropping cosplay: Read more
The much lusted after Rem and Non-Rem come dressed in wedding outfits and ready to be used as matrimonial masturbation accessories in this rather fabulous effort. The matrimonial cosplay: Read more
Kizuna Ai has gotten notoriety in the cosplay scene as this dedicated fan has dressed up as the crazy 2D “YouTuber”, naturally providing an abundance of absurd facial expressions and definitely showing more emotion than most straight-faced cosplays. The wacky cosplay: Read more
Azur Lane has continued to dominate the cosplay scene as yet another cosplay has emerged for characters Kaga and Akagi, boasting their usual kemonomimi charm that their Kantai Collection equivalents unfortunately lack and sure to have fans heralding the imminent death of Kantai Collection. The doubly foxy cosplay: Read more
Fate/Grand Order’s voluptuous Florence Nightingale has gotten a cosplay from the charming Hiroko Akutagawa, which has made use of her fabulously skimpy nurse-themed Halloween outfit – which may possibly even rival Shielder’s previous wolf-themed outfit from last year in terms of sexiness. The busty cosplay: Read more
Cosplayer Eroko Chiba has tried her hand at replicating the appearance of Ero-Manga Sensei’s Izumi Sagiri, trying out two of the girl’s cute outfits and introducing some pouty faces to help give off a better “child-like” demeanor. The marvelously moe cosplay: Read more