Supple Scathach Cosplay Works the Pole
The lithe Scathach‘s ability to swiftly wield long hard objects has been effectively demonstrated by this alluring new cosplay, hopefully to convince those who see it to become interested in the phenomenon that is Fate/Grand Order and force them to empty their wallets simultaneously. Read more
Titillating Tooru Cosplay “Even Has A Kanna!”
One talented cosplayer has put forth a valiant effort imitating Kobasyashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon’s obsessed Tooru, bound to meet the expectations of even the most critical fan whilst being accompanied by an equally cute Kanna. The delightful dragon girl cosplay: Read more
Dangerously Sexy Enoshima Junko Cosplay Quite Crazed
Mentally disturbed antagonist Enoshima Junko of detective series Danganronpa has spread her despairing corruption to the 3D realm by way of this stunningly sexy cosplay, bound to convince others to join in her horrific crusade with her astounding beauty. The maddening cosplay: Read more
Northern Ocean Hime Cosplay Seemingly Innocent
Kantai Collection’s deceptively innocent abyssal enemy “Northern Ocean Hime” has acquired almost as much attention as the game’s kanmusu themselves, with this latest cosplay paying tribute to the adorable foe and bound to have many questioning why an enemy would be given such a good-natured design. The charming cosplay: Read more
Killer Konpaku Youmu Cosplay Unsheathed
Seasoned swordswoman Konpaku Youmu has ventured outside and drawn her blade for her next vicious battle (despite it likely centering around energy bullets), certain to captivate onlookers due to the cosplayer’s significant cuteness and possibly inspiring even the most ardent holdouts to give the Touhou series a shot. The... Read more
New Day Final Fantasy Transformation
Final Fantasy has bizarrely made an appearance during top “sports entertainment” event Wrestlemania as team “New Day” have shown off costumes inspired by characters and elements from the beloved RPG franchise, an unsurprising turn of events considering the trio of wrestlers have previously dressed up in Dragon Ball outfits.... Read more
Assassin of Black Cosplay Menacingly Sexy
Fate/Grand Order’s scantily clad Assassin of Black has transitioned to the 3D world courtesy of this deadly cosplay, earning a plentiful amount of praise from ravenous Fate fans who find the interpretation favorable due to its incomprehensible sexiness. The luscious cosplay: Read more
Casual Shibuya Rin Cosplay Fabulously Feminine
Shibuya Rin‘s (the “main girl” of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls) notable casual attire has received some well-deserved attention as this charming cosplayer recreates the stunning seifuku, with the outfit likely to cause passersby to confuse the darling maiden with an actual schoolgirl. The stupendous schoolgirl cosplay: Read more
Kanzaki Ranko Cosplay Delightfully Gothic
Supreme chuunibyou Kanzaki Ranko of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls has inspired a cosplayer to slip into some appropriate gothic lolita attire to show off her skills, certain to rouse more attention for the franchise’s lovely women before the advent of Side:M. The cute chuuni cosplay: Read more
Red Hot Erza Scarlet Cosplay Burning With Desire
Fiery hot heroine Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail has slipped into her skimpy “Clear Heart Clothing” courtesy of this sultry cosplay, showcasing not only her beauty but her expertise in swordplay that will likely cause onlookers to wish the feisty woman would play with their “sword” too. Erza’s sexy... Read more