Something’s brewing in the world of Yuki Suetsugu’s Chihayafuru manga. According to the latest issue of Be-Love magazine, an important announcement is on the way, with the reveal currently set for the next issue. That one goes on sale in Japan on December 15, so we won’t have to... Read more
One and half year after the release of the second part “Shimo no Ku” (The Second Line) in April 2016, the official website for the live-action film project based on Yuki Suetsugu’s shoujo manga series Chihayafuru today posted a poster visual and a 30-second teaser trailer for its upcoming third... Read more
Watch Making Video of "Detective Conan" and "Chihayafuru" Manga Artists’ Collaboration Illustration
In order to promote the upcoming 21st Detective Conan feature film Karakurenai no Love Letter/Crimson Love Letter, Gosho Aoyama and Yuki Suetsugu, the authors of the Meitantei Conan/Detective Conan and Chihayafuru manga series, collaborated to draw an illustration featuring the characters from both series. Both manga have been serialized... Read more
Kodansha Comics Announces New Manga Launches With "Chihayafuru"
Kodansha Comics has announced that another trio of manga will be manga their English launch on digital platforms February 14th. This includes Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Akiko Higashimura’s follow-up to her best-selling Princess Jellyfish, Yuki Suetsugu’s long-anticipated Chiyahafuru, and Narumi Hasegaki’s shojo romantic comedy Springtime with Ninjas.    Volume 1s of Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Chihayafuru,... Read more
"Chihayafuru" Dominates Japan’s Manga, Blu-ray Sales Charts
According to the newest Oricon sales report, the latest 33rd volume of Yuki Suetsugu’s karuta-themed shoujo manga series Chihayafuru sold a very good 163,519 copies in its first week, becoming the top-selling manga of the week ended October 16. The manga has been serialized in Kodansha’s BE LOVE bimonthly... Read more