Azur Lane’s young and innocent Unicorn has gotten a cosplay from another phenomenal woman, bound to be regarded as “way too old” by picky otaku despite her rather saucy exposure – hopefully she will not end up being bullied like the character… The sublime cosplay: Read more
Seemingly unable to shake the ways of its makers, Azur Lane’s cute ship-girl Vestal is now being excoriated by Kantard detractors for stealing a fashion accessory from Danmachi’s worshiped goddess Hestia, imitating her immensely enticing but functionally useless boob ribbon. Vestal’s strangely similar ribbon: The gorgeous Hestia in comparison: Read more
Young and innocent Azur Lane shipgirl Unicorn has for some reason earned massive online scorn, as the unicorn-hugging girl has accumulated an abundance of all-too-cruel illustrations, possibly created by jealous Kantai Collection fans upset that the “imitation” is gaining traction. Azur Lane’s Unicorn, for those unfamiliar: Various cruel contributions... Read more
  Chinese boat-girl mobile game Azur Lane continues to gain popularity in both China and Japan, making it a potential worth rival to that other boat-girl game everyone likes so much. And while there’s a lot of crossover between the two, there’s plenty of difference, from gameplay to character design.... Read more
Kantai Collection successor Azur Lane has been censored, causing the radiation mark on the bomb of the cute Indianapolis to be transformed into a cat face due to it reminding triggerated sensitives of the nuclear bomb drops. The tan Indianapolis can be seen holding onto what many assumed to... Read more
Azur Lane has continued to dominate the cosplay scene as yet another cosplay has emerged for characters Kaga and Akagi, boasting their usual kemonomimi charm that their Kantai Collection equivalents unfortunately lack and sure to have fans heralding the imminent death of Kantai Collection. The doubly foxy cosplay: Read more
  Nowadays, it’s not unheard of for a game to be made by a small team (or even a very determined individual). But when it comes to chart-busting hits with regular updates, we generally expect a small army hard at work behind the scenes. Chinese-produced mobile app Azur Lane, for... Read more
Sherryken777 has made her return to the cosplay scene, once again contributing to Azur Lane‘s popularity by dressing up as the seductive fox-eared Akagi this time and bound to attract the usual cadre of creeps and stalkers to her social media. Sherryken777’s astounding cosplay: Read more
Azur Lane has continued to show its dominance as desirable 3D woman Sherryken has dressed up as the game’s fox-maiden Kaga, demonstrating a level of quality that will surely attract attention to not only herself but the steadily growing smartphone game as well. Her busty cosplay: Read more
Azur Lane’s popularity has managed to extend to the cosplay community as the large-breasted Atago has snatched herself a 3D interpretation, one that has been made ever more sharp with the addition of a sword; though some might debate over whether the cosplayer is wielding a 2nd sword of... Read more