Dragon Ball Super Episode 84
How would you rate episode 84 of Dragon Ball Super ? During these past few episodes, as we’re gearing up for the Tournament of Power and collecting our ten fighters, there’s been a sore concern as to what role the weaker characters on the team will play. Krillin, Roshi,... Read more
ClassicaLoid Episode 25
How would you rate episode 25 of ClassicaLoid ? Going into ClassicaLoid‘s first season finale, the whole thing felt a little tacked-on. It basically concluded the ongoing story last week, only to have aliens show up at the last minute. It’s like a reverse of the deus ex machina:... Read more
Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 12
How would you rate episode 12 of Saga of Tanya the Evil ? The way episode 11 played out left this season finale wide-open from both dramatic and adaptation standpoints. I’m not sure what I actually expected, but taking the series back to its philosophical underpinnings was an eminently... Read more
My Hero Academia Episode 14
How would you rate episode 14 of My Hero Academia (TV 2) ? My Hero Academia is back! It’s going to be a busy-as-all-hell anime season for us reviewers, myself included with all these weekend shows on my plate, but “I’ll do my best!” is exactly the attitude these... Read more
Attack on Titan Episode 26
How would you rate episode 26 of Attack on Titan (TV 2/2017) ? Other anime would be wise to follow Attack on Titan‘s lead when returning from a four-year hiatus, because hot damn, this show hasn’t lost a single spark since it’s been gone. This long-awaited season premiere wastes... Read more
Akiba’S Trip The Animation Episode 13
How would you rate episode 13 of Akiba’s Trip: The Animation ? With all the members of Electric Mayo back in action, it’s time to beat up the baddies and save Akihabara. While the rest of the team links up with the Akiba vigilantes to get rid of the... Read more
Twin Star Exorcists Episode 50
How would you rate episode 50 of Twin Star Exorcists ? Of course we end with a wedding. It’s not the one we might expect, mind you, though that’s probably for the best, since Rokuro and Benio are still high schoolers after all. Goodness knows Ryougo and Haruka deserve... Read more
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 12
How would you rate episode 12 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid ? Before we get to the actual story of this week’s episode, I’d like to mention how adorable it is when Kanna shakes her horns back into existence after getting home from school. Along with Lucoa’s efforts to... Read more
Bakemonogatari Episode 11
In the world of Monogatari, it seems like everyone is some kind of liar. Some of its heroes lie directly to others, like how Mayoi hid her true nature from Araragi, or how Kanbaru downplayed her own feelings towards Senjougahara. Others lie to themselves – Senjougahara’s apparition was based... Read more
CHAOS;CHILD Episode 12
How would you rate episode 12 of Chaos;Child ? Life’s a scary thing, with its lack of apparent purpose but plenty of rejection to go around. The more little Taku got ignored by his parents and classmates, the more he convinced himself that he was better, smarter, kinder than... Read more