Life-Size Saekano Statue Production Doubled To Meet Demand
Anime News Network’s merchandise coverage sponsored by Tokyo Otaku Mode. Demand for the life-size statues of Megumi Kato, the video game heroine conjured up by Saekano’s Tomoya Aki was so great that Aniplex doubled production from 10 to 20 statues. Each statue measures 158cm (62in) high for 1.98 million... Read more
China “Televises Sunrise As Smog Is So Bad”
Chinese authorities have apparently resorted to broadcasting the sunrise on giant TVs in public places as it is now invisible to the naked eye thanks to some of the densest smog ever. Beijing smog was so bad the government warned vulnerable citizens to stay indoors lest they be poisoned,... Read more
China Quality Buildings “Truly Paper Thin”
The latest marvel of Chinese engineering to be doing the rounds online are some of the ultra-slim buildings of Shanghai, earning such high praise as “looking just like a movie set” and “being even thinner than Japan’s.” Sadly the Chinese media have not seen fit to investigate just what... Read more
US & China Warships “Nearly Collide”
American and Chinese warships have “nearly collided” after an aggressive manoeuvre by a Chinese captain in the South China Sea. America’s ridiculously named AEGIS cruiser the USS Cowpens was observing China’s hand-me-down carrier the Liaoning as it sailed through the South China Sea (virtually all of which is the... Read more
South Korea Claims Chinese Airpsace
South Korea has again joined the nations challenging China’s new air defence zone, this time by enlarging its own zone to cover China’s after it emerged it had forgotten to include some of its claims in its old zone and claimed by China. South Korea’s new zone covers more... Read more
Korean Plastic Surgery “Entering New Territory”
The Korean answer to “the girl of your dreams” has been causing the usual stir online, whether by dint of surgical skill or makeup trickery… Online this has been greeted with some incredulity: “This was a nightmare, right?” “Terrifying…” “Monstrous.” “Come on, this is a mask, right?” “What was... Read more
Miss Universe 2013 “A Parade of Monsters”
The annual Miss Universe pageant commences yet again, once again putting on quite the spectacle, with the universal hopefuls donning a variety of extravagantly made costumes portraying the distinct flamboyance and pride of their country – although it has also been condemned as being “more ridiculous than ever” and... Read more
China Apartments: “Even The Windows Are Fake”
The latest miracle of China quality construction to have amazed those in China and beyond is the advent of “fake” windows – in fact just black squares painted on the side of a building… The local government responsible for the fake windows claims they were painted on to the... Read more
Chinese Irons & Kettles “Contain Spam Chips”
Chinese made irons and kettles have reportedly been caught hacking into wireless networks to disseminate spam and viruses. According to Russian media reports, electric kettles and irons discretely boasting their own wireless transmitters have been discovered breaking into poorly secured networks within a “200m radius” in order to spread... Read more
Sankaku Complex Banned by Russia
The Russian federal government has announced it is banning Sankaku Complex over some raunchy Touhou pictures, with the snappily named ROSKOMNADZOR awarding the site the same official honour it bestowed on the likes of Wikipedia and Facebook. The demand of course concerns third party 2D material, although as usual... Read more