Hordes of clever high school boys have been caught robbing desperate men of their hard-earned cash by masquerading as girls online, an ingenious plot that cruelly took advantage of men seeking a real relationship (or at least the virgin beta’s willingness to throw money at a girl he has... Read more
Gunslinger magical girl Akemi Homura has drawn one of her many firearms to fight off the evil witches as demonstrated by this new cosplay, with the cosplayer matching the fictional girl’s attitude by providing the usual emotionless expression – which was no doubt unintentional. The well-armed Homura cosplay: Read more
Pussy-sucking guro artist Shoko Nakagawa has disturbed the internet yet again as she has obsessed over the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, naturally reveling in her purchases by carrying them around in her mouth – which she has done on other occasions, strangely enough. Shoko’s... Read more
Heavily memed waitress anime Blend S has continued to cater towards specific fetishes as fever-inducing blonde Hinata Kaho has gotten a tan, adding a distinct “caramel” flavor to the show’s endless onslaught of service. Omake: Read more
DISH//, Burnout Syndromes to perform new opening, ending theme songs This year’s 51st issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed on Monday that the Gintama Season 4 anime will enter the manga’s “Gin no Tamashii” (Silver Soul) arc, the manga’s final arc that began in July 2016. The... Read more
The 2nd chapter of rape-’em-up eroge Kuroinu has made its way to western shores, bringing even more grotesque acts that will no doubt be the subject of controversy from such feminist outrage merchants as survived the Trumpening. The new chapter naturally offers players another handful of vulnerable women to... Read more
  Despite their frankly criminal underrepresentation abroad, kotatsu are well known to anime fans. The bed/table/heater hybrids are mainstays of anime households, and generally have at least one sleepy character snuggled partway under it.   However, a survey by WeatherNews.jp found that slightly less than half of responding Japanese... Read more
Amazon Japan is currently listing that the anime of Bkub Ōkawa’s Pop Team Epic manga will have three home video releases and 12 total episodes. Each volume is also listed with bonus video footage, audio commentary, and a booklet. Space Neko Company’s Jun Aoki (Oshiruko – The Summertime Mischief,... Read more
Kunihiko Yasui confirmed as Berserker in video The official website for Fate/Extra Last Encore, the television anime of the Fate/Extra game, revealed the anime’s theme song artists and confirmed another voice cast member on Sunday. Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) is performing the opening theme song, and Sayuri is contributing... Read more
  In their continued quest to conquer all media, the girls of Aqours are gearing up to host a mystery escape game. Love Live! fans can join the girls for a day of mystery and puzzle solving at Awashima Marine Park.   Titled Escape from the Solitary Island Aquarium, the event... Read more