Yorha No.2 Type B Ero-MMD “She’s Everywhere!”
The sexiness of Nier: Automata’s Yorha No.2 Type B has roused even the attention of MikuMikuDance animators, with this latest succulent release featuring the woman participating in an erotic activity that will no doubt further invigorate those who already love the android maiden. The gorgeous ero-MMD: Read more
Top 20 Coolest Mecha of the Decade
Japan’s passion for massive hulking mecha of mass destruction has caused the emergence of this ranking, delivering the “coolest” mecha from 2010 and onward – a title that has unsurprisingly been awarded to one of the more popular models from the most widely known mecha franchises. The ranking: 1.... Read more
Rokuaka “Now With More Rape”
Long-winded magical academy series Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (or Rokuaka for short) has finally started showing off the latent power of its main sensei Glenn, additionally elevating its service content to a more select niche as the chastity of the show’s innocent heroine is thrust into danger.... Read more
Zodiac Sign Lingerie “Out of This World!”
The artist responsible for sketching lingerie based on chess pieces and gundam mechs has had some of his sexy designs transformed into actual naughty clothing, with the luscious lingerie this time being inspired by the 12 Zodiac signs. Japanese lingerie manufacturer Izumi have blessed the talented artist with the... Read more
"Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru" Connects with Japan This May
  What we have here is the latest overview trailer for Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru, which officially has a release month. The free-to-play, microtransaction-based PS Vita card battler is coming to the PlayStation Store in Japan this May, with pre-registration now available until April 30.   Those who register... Read more
ID-0 Original Anime’s Promo Video Previews Sayaka Sasaki Song
World Cosplay Summit‘s series premiered on Sunday The official website for ID-0, World Cosplay Summit‘s original anime project, began streaming the series’ second promotional video on Wednesday. The video features Sayaka Sasaki‘s song “Stargarden.” In addition to performing “Stargarden,” Sasaki is performing the anime’s opening theme song “ID-0.” The... Read more
Crunchyroll Streams Room Mate TV Anime
Series premieres for members outside Asia today Crunchyroll announced on Wednesday that it will stream the the Room Mate television anime. The series will be available for members worldwide outside Asia, and it will premiere on April 12 at 11:15 a.m. EDT. Crunchyroll describes the anime: Room Mate is... Read more
Frame Arms Girl “Tiny But Has A Massive Heart”
Model kit promotion series Frame Arms Girl has further detailed the lives of its minuscule figure girls as they attempt to interact with everyday human objects, certain to earn the adoring praise of otaku for both its cuteness and thrilling combat scenes. Omake: Read more
Almighty Kanzaki Ranko Figure
Supremely sexy chuunibyou of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls, Kanzaki Ranko, has slipped into an absolutely exquisite dress that will no doubt have collectors in awe, with the astounding work of art bound to look great amongst the various other IdolMaster figures in existence when she arrives in November. Kanzaki Ranko... Read more
Raspberyl Castle “Rape Defense”
A rather unique eroge entitled “Raspberyl Castle” from Odae Cemetery has put players in control of a magical circle to summon demons and defend a portal, certainly shaking things up in terms of variety as most eroge are more simplistic in nature. Players must protect their portal from invading... Read more