To Love-Ru Darkness Fishy Insertion Action
Top ecchi harem manga To Love-Ru Darkness has unleashed its latest chapter, with Rito involved in some very fishy insertion action with the flatter members of his harem… Omake: Read more
To Love-Ru Darkness Getting Ahead of Itself
Hot off the press is the latest chapter of ultimate H manga To Love-Ru Darkness, with some equally hot ecchi action contained therein, this time with the envious Rito being the “victim” of yet another surprising (to the girl at least) and highly revealing bath-time encounter. Omake: Read more
Cops Raid Square Enix Over SNK Manga Parody
Police have raided the offices of Square Enix over a complaint by SNK that popular Square Enix published manga Highscore Girl infringed its copyrights by including characters from its various games without the proper blood oaths. Officers from the Osaka police’s economic crimes department conducted searches on Square Enix’s... Read more
Tokyo Bans Shingeki Assistant’s Manga as “Harmful”
Arisa Yamato – sadly now likely to remain best known as an assistant on Shingeki no Kyojin for the time being – has had publication of her upcoming new manga cancelled only days before release due to it apparently falling foul of Tokyo’s draconian manga censorship regime, upsetting her... Read more
To Love-Ru Darkness Total Chikanery
The latest chapter of superbly sexy ero-manga To Love-Ru Darkness has taken its explicit sexual hi-jinks to a public setting with some discreet and intimately public train chikan action – further emphasizing Rito’s uncanny talent for causing “accidents” of the most beneficial kind. Omake: Read more
Top 10 Manga & Light Novels of 2014’s First Half
Oricon has released their biannual ranking for the best selling light novels and manga for the first half of 2014, with Shingeki no Kyojin surprising few with its dominating manga sales, now surpassing even the legendary One Piece – though with more curious results from light novels in evidence,... Read more
SoulCalibur: New Legends of Project Soul
Soul Calibur V’s fine art and sexy fighters are on display, along with much of the background to their creation, in the latest artbook to finally find itself published in English. The 192-page book is rather more information heavy than is usual: The tome is available now. Read more
“If You Look Closely, She’s Obviously Carrying It”
A new low in standards of artistic correctness in advertising, to say nothing of quality control, has been causing marvel online – although plenty of alternative explanations have also surfaced… The ad, for long-established juku-style correspondence course provider Shinken-zemi, instantly attracted more attention for the quality of its artwork... Read more
To Love-Ru Darkness Excessively Ero
The latest chapter of supremely sexy H manga To Love-Ru Darkness has as ever delivered new and exciting challenges to the lovely people working at the Tokyo government, with suckling and boob-suffocation action being some of the more seductive highlights – while Rito’s continued incompetence amidst an increasingly amorous... Read more
Tokyo: “Glorifying Incest” = “Not Condemning It”
Tokyo has clarified its decision to ban Imouto Paradise for “improperly glorifying incest” – revealing that it now uniquely defines “glorification” as “not depicting as bad.” An Asahi interview with Tokyo’s youth protection department’s chief PR flack reveals the city now considers any manga or anime which so much... Read more