Higurashi Creator’s Iwaihime Horror Game Gets PS4/Vita Port
Port of Ryukishi07‘s 2016 PC game to include prologue Kadokawa‘s Dengeki Online website revealed on Tuesday that Nippon Ichi Software will release a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita port of DMM Games and Ryukishi07‘s Iwaihime PC horror game. The port, titled Iwaihime: Matsuri, will contain a new prologue. The... Read more
Kamiko Fantasy Game for Nintendo Switch Previewed in Video
Flyhigh Works, Skipmore to release game this month Game publisher and developer Flyhigh Works began streaming a teaser trailer for Kamiko, indie developer Skipmore’s game for Nintendo Switch, last week. The digital game is slated to launch in Japan this month for 500 yen (about US$4.50). In the arcade-like... Read more
Blue Reflection Characters to Get Final Fantasy XV Costumes
Hinako to dress as Aranea, Kaori as Cindy The PlayStation 4 and PS Vita game Blue Reflection – Maboroshi ni Mau Shōjo no Ken (“The Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion”) is collaborating with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One RPG Final Fantasy XV. The results of... Read more
Toei, Gust’s Augmented Reality Girls Trinary App Streams Battle Intro Video
Anime/app project’s smartphone game pre-registration open now The official website for Toei Animation and Gust‘s Augmented Reality Girls Trinary (Kakuchō Shōjo-Kei Trinary) “anime cross-link role-playing game” smartphone collaboration project’s app began streaming a battle introduction video on Monday. The video previews aspects of battling such as chains in the... Read more
Dangerously Sexy Enoshima Junko Cosplay Quite Crazed
Mentally disturbed antagonist Enoshima Junko of detective series Danganronpa has spread her despairing corruption to the 3D realm by way of this stunningly sexy cosplay, bound to convince others to join in her horrific crusade with her astounding beauty. The maddening cosplay: Read more
Boruto to Naruto: Shinobi Striker, Narutimate Storm Trilogy Games Confirmed in Europe, U.S.
Games ship for PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam in West Bandai Namco Entertainment America and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe confirmed on Monday that Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, a new game in the Naruto franchise, will ship in the West for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via... Read more
Narutimate Storm Trilogy Game Bundle’s Video Shows Story Scenes
Bundle slated for PS4 on July 27 will include all DLC for 3 games Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming a promotional video on Monday for Naruto Shipp┼źden: Narutimate Storm Trilogy, the PlayStation 4 game bundle of the first three games in the Ultimate Ninja Storm (Narutimate Storm in Japan)... Read more
Omega Labyrinth Z Game’s Trailer Shows ‘Bust’ Power-Ups
PS4/PS Vita game ships on July 6 D3 Publisher began streaming a promotional video for its upcoming Omega Labyrinth Z PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game on Friday. The video introduces the characters and shows roguelike RPG gameplay. By defeating monsters, the characters can “power up” and increase their... Read more
Northern Ocean Hime Cosplay Seemingly Innocent
Kantai Collection’s deceptively innocent abyssal enemy “Northern Ocean Hime” has acquired almost as much attention as the game’s kanmusu themselves, with this latest cosplay paying tribute to the adorable foe and bound to have many questioning why an enemy would be given such a good-natured design. The charming cosplay: Read more
XSEED Reveals The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd PC Release on May 3, Trails of Cold Steel PC Release
1st Trails of Cold Steel game gets PC release this summer with 5,000 more voiced dialogue lines XSEED Games revealed on Friday that it plans to release Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd game on the PC on May 3. The company additionally... Read more