7th Dragon III Code: VFD 3DS Game Heads to Americas
Sega‘s dungeon crawler RPG slated for this summer Sega of America announced on Tuesday that it will release the 7th Dragon III Code: VFD in the Americas. The game will be available both physically and digitally this summer. This will be the first game in the 7th Dragon series... Read more
Akira Himekawa’s New Zelda Manga is Twilight Princess
New manga marks duo’s return to Zelda manga after 8 years The official Twitter account of the manga creator duo Akira Himekawa confirmed on Sunday that their new manga series based on Nintendo‘s The Legend of Zelda games will be based on the 2006 Wii and GameCube game The... Read more
Konami Has Shipped Over 6 Million Copies of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
Video Game publisher Konami revealed in its third quarter financial report on Friday that its Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain game has shipped more than 6 million copies (including downloads). In addition, the report noted that Konami earned 179,251,000,000 yen (about US$1.48 billion) across the nine-month period... Read more
Dragon’s Dogma Online Arms Characters With Potato Chip Bag Shields
Street Fighter collaboration also announced CAPCOM‘s Dragon’s Dogma Online game is arming its fantasy-themed characters with a flavorful shield. Staff announced a collaboration with Calbee potato chips at Chiba Makuhari Messe at the Tōkaigi 2016 (Game Party Japan 2016) event last weekend. The announcement was made as part of... Read more
One Piece: Burning Blood Game Trailer Lists May 31 Debut in N. America
Pre-order bonuses, Collector’s Edition for game’s PS4 version revealed Bandai Namco Entertainment America began streaming an English-subtitled video to highlight the four playable female characters in the One Piece: Burning Blood PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, and Xbox One game on Monday. The video shows the recently revealed Boa... Read more
[email protected] Game Series Director Akihiro Ishihara Leaves Bandai Namco
Director of 10-year-old idol management game series said he resigned from company amicably The game series director Akihiro Ishihara (often credited in the games as Director 1 or Dire1) announced on the game series’ official website on Monday that he left Bandai Namco Entertainment on January 31. He... Read more
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Game Posts Marie Rose Image Video
PS4/PS Vita game slated for March 24 release KOEI Tecmo Games began streaming an image video for the character Marie Rose from its Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 PS4/PS Vita game on Sunday. KOEI Tecmo Games streamed the third “heart-throbbing short movie” for the game on January 20. The... Read more
Game coming to iPhone, Android, PC in English, Japanese versions Square Enix‘s “Final Fantasy no Are Kore Otsutae Shimasu Hōsō” YouTube program began streaming gameplay footage last Thursday for the upcoming smartphone release of the Final Fantasy IX game (game footage begins at 5:55 in the video). Square Enix... Read more
Wazamonogatari Novel Promoted with 2nd 8-Bit Game Video
NisiOisin‘s second light novel volume in the “Off Season” of the Monogatari Series got a second 8-bit game promotional video. The video is designated as the first in the “Kyūketsuki Quiz-Hen” (Vampire Quiz Chapter). In the video, Koyomi’s sister Karen Araragi retrieves red books before Shinobu appears. The game... Read more
Girls Frontline Developer Responds to Mushibugyo Design Controversy
Chinese developer Wave-Games expresses disappointment in Shonen Sunday‘s response to alleged plagiarism Chinese game developer Wave-Games gave a statement to Japanese video game news website Inside Games on Wednesday regarding the similarity between a character in Hiroshi Fukuda‘s Jōjū Senjin!! Mushibugyō manga and a pre-existing character in the Wave-Games’... Read more