Winter Wonder Festival 2017 Cosplay Quite Overwhelming
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 has provided other phenomenal sights aside from expertly crafted figurines, as both official and unofficial cosplayers have flooded the event to show off their devotion to anime, which most attendees would likely prefer to take home instead of the figures on display… The multitude of... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 H-Figures Truly Lust-Inducing
Figures of the sexier variety have also made an appearance at the esteemed Winter Wonder Festival 2017, perhaps making attending otaku feel less sad about their non-existent sexual exploits with real women with their astounding “wife” potential. Some of the naughtier collectibles that will soon be (or perhaps are... Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 “Wallet-Intensive”
Otaku and figure enthusiasts have already begun singing the praises of Winter Wonder Festival 2017, as the event has unsurprisingly provided attendees with a glimpse at the upcoming figurines that will no doubt become top-sellers – and bound to make the already highly grossing franchises even more profitable. Some... Read more
Koizumi Hanayo Bikini Cosplay Completely Drenched
Another maiden from Love Live’s massive roster of established 2D idols has gotten a fabulous cosplay of the bikini variety, with the normally shy Koizumi Hanayo becoming the star as she dresses up in a cute bikini whilst bathing and probably making onlookers equally moist. The bathing bikini cosplay: Read more
Virgin-Killing Sweater Worn Backwards “Way Better!”
Twitter user Noraneko has seemingly answered the desires of the amorous internet masses as the slender woman has donned the currently popular “virgin-killing sweater” backwards, revealing a significant portion of her voluptuous frame and bound to earn her undying praise as a fashion innovator. The woman’s exhibitionist antics, with... Read more
“Virgin-Killing” Sweater Dangerously Sexy
Another form of tantalizing female attire known as the “virgin-killing” sweater has managed to amass notoriety online, a sweater that almost completely exposes the entire backside of its wearer, certainly proving to be as sexy as the noteworthy cat-keyhole lingerie but seemingly defeating the purpose of wearing a sweater... Read more
Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 Companions Worth The Ride
The 2017 edition of the vehicle-boasting event known as Tokyo Auto Salon has busted out an abundance of delectable companions once again, with both attendees and online viewers likely clear on what they would rather be taking home from the event for a ride. Naturally, a wealth of photographs... Read more
Flawless Felix Cosplay “Where Are The Cross-Dressers?”
The entrapping charm of Re:Zero’s deceptive cat-boy Felix has made onlookers once again question their sexuality due to the effectiveness of this relatively sultry cosplay, with the cosplayer’s female gender likely to relieve some, to say nothing of those sick of all the Rem and Ram cosplays as well.... Read more
Blue Izayoi Sakuya Cosplay Studiously Sensual
Marvelous maids are all the rage lately due to one certain traumatic time traveling anime, with this steaming hot cosplay of Touhou’s deadly Izayoi Sakuya serving as a fine example that should catch Touhou fanatics off-guard with the addition of some magnificent megane. The sophisticated Sakuya cosplay: Read more
Touken Ranbu 2nd Anniversary Exhibit Unveiled
Anthropomorphic sword boy smartphone game Touken Ranbu has celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a grandiose exhibit featuring an assortment of goods, from artwork to merchandise and replica swords – a marvel that perhaps even a few non-rotten, non-sword fetishists may find interesting. Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City Complex has served as... Read more