Raunchy Shuten Douji Cosplay Horny Indeed
Fate/Grand Order has acquired more attention in the cosplay world as another luscious maiden has dressed up as the scantily clad Shuten Douji, a less often seen character that may likely only be truly appreciated by lovers of (relatively) flat surfaces. The supremely skimpy cosplay: Read more
Outdoors Hestia Cosplay All Natural
A lush grassy environment (something that otaku may be unfamiliar with) has helped to boost the allure of this sexy Hestia cosplay, which possesses some similarly natural breasts of the colossal variety and looks sure to be labeled as faithful (if not too faithful) as a result. The well-endowed... Read more
20th Anniversary Persona Exhibit Astounds
A celebration for the 20th anniversary of school student RPG series Persona has taken the form of an elegant art exhibit, showcasing a multitude of illustrations, figures, goods and other exotic sights that will surely engage even those who have no idea what Persona is. Photos of the fabulous... Read more
Bizarre Bikini Showcase: “Hilariously Lewd”
A TV parody has emerged featured several “failed gravure idols” showing off the latest in bizarre bikinis, most of which are preposterous in nature and would likely never be worn by any normal female (outside of AV) – though many may appreciate witnessing the skimpy creations regardless. The various... Read more
Fully Armed Akemi Homura Cosplay Oozing With Style
Legendary mahou shoujo series Madoka Magica has continued to be showered with endless praise even long after its airing, with this fully armed cosplay of time-traveling heroine Akemi Homura serving as a prime example of the passion that fans still hold for the “revolutionary” series. HomuHomu’s superb cosplay: Read more
One Finger “Selfie” Challenge Heating Up Nicely
Obstruction of an individual’s genitalia using only a single finger has served as the theme of this latest social media “trend”, prompting numerous comely females to post their efforts in what is probably the welcome acme of non-R18 social media attention whoring. The “challenge” was inspired by the illustration... Read more
Ferociously Feminine Felix Cosplay by Ely
Re:Zero’s feisty cross-dressing cat-boy Felix has obtained a tribute from the spectacular Ely, bound to captivate with her natural feminine charms and beauty despite being labeled as blasphemous by some of the more avid otoko-no-ko trap lovers. The kitty cosplay: Read more
Comiket 90 Day 3 Cosplay Endlessly Stunning
Despite the arrival of Comiket 90’s final day, cosplayers and photographers alike were seemingly just as frenzied in the pursuit of perfect cosplay and pictures as they were on the very first day, resulting in yet another slew of outstanding photographs for all to ogle. Read more
Mikuzukin Cosplay Adorably Innocent
Hatsune Miku‘s enchanting Little Red Riding Hood outfit from her project Diva games has made the transition to the 3D realm as her vulnerable cosplayer wanders about the forest to her dear grandmother’s house, with any ravenous wolves in attendance likely to be suitably charmed by her dazzling appearance.... Read more
Sexy Kuroko Micro-Bikini Cosplay by Yuduki
Ero-cosplayer Yuduki Kokonoe has attempted her latest cosplay endeavor in the form of the lovely lesbian Kuroko, donning one of her famously minuscule bikinis – though perhaps lacking Kuroko’s charmingly scandalous lust for her disappointingly absent “onee-sama”… Read more