Much like all years prior, Tokyo Game Show 2017 has been no exception when it comes to displaying hundreds of ravishing booth babes and cosplayers, with the gorgeous 3D maidens possibly being the entire incentive of visiting the event for some attendees. Some of the jaw-dropping women at the... Read more
Silver-haired fighter girl Kiana of Honkai Impact (a likely unknown smartphone game) has obtained a moment in the spotlight thanks to glorious cosplayer Liu You Qi Sevenbaby, who has dressed up as the desirable woman and will surely boost the game’s reputation due to her well made assets. Read more
The pure yet deadly Snow White from Nier: Automata developer Yoko Taro’s mobile game SinoAlice has already mustered popularity in the cosplay community as this cosplay of the female fighter boasts quite the resemblance, though most will likely be mesmerized by her exposed cleavage. The hypnotizing cosplay: Read more
Bold sexy cosplayers are still being revealed by the online distribution of pictures despite Comiket 92 ending days ago, surely serving as proof of the event’s incredible size whilst possibly convincing yet more people to attend next year in hopes of capturing the odd nip-slip… Read more
An eye-catching cosplay of Fate/Grand Order’s Ishtar has mustered the usual attention from amorous cosplay enthusiasts, with the woman having no trouble showing off her desirable body and bound to be a perfect representation for the passion many have for the art. Read more
Kantai Collection’s widespread popularity has convinced one rather delightful cosplayer into dressing up as the “poi” obsessed Yuudachi, additionally choosing to strip down so that onlookers can see what lies beneath the maiden’s hull, which will likely appeal to those who prefer more “manageable” sizes. Read more
This lusty cosplayer has given online denizens some variety as the well-endowed girl has slipped into several different outfits belonging to Fate/Grand Order’s main desirable warrioress Shielder, with her exquisite beauty bound to have novice cosplayers either jealous or inspired. The fabulous cosplay: Read more
The cosplayers attending Comiket 92 have still been impressing both attendees and those who couldn’t make the event, with their seemingly infinite numbers serving as quite the boon for otaku who like to collect and preserve them for “future use”. Read more
Comiket 92’s final spasms of cosplay creativity have spurted forth from a multitude of otaku cameras onto the internet, with some of the most daring coming last. Read more
Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai’s delusional Takanashi Rikka has made her way to the beach, with this cosplay depicting the 2D girl in a skimpy bathing suit that will no doubt cause onlookers to use their imagination in regards to discovering what she looks like beneath it. The beautiful... Read more