Busty Hestia Cosplay by Tomia Quite Charming
The staggering influence of Danmachi’s angelic goddess Hestia has now even secured the luscious cosplayer Tomia as one of her dedicated worshipers, as she quite gracefully pays tribute to Hestia’s busty likeness in a such a manner as to put her numerous lesser imitations to shame. Read more
Awe-Inspiring Asuna Cosplay by Tomia
The vibrantly over-hued Tomia has demonstrated her enchanting cosplay prowess yet again as she dons the outfit of Sword Art Online’s adorable heroine Asuna, employing some not so subtle (and so unexpected) use of Photoshop to further accentuate her presumed beauty. Read more
Cute Hanayo Koizumi Cosplay by Miyuko
The lovely Hanayo Koizumi of anime idol sensation Love Live! has become the target for legendary cosplayer Miyuko‘s latest phenomenal cosplay, although perhaps having lost a dimension in the process. Read more
Busty Junko Enoshima Cosplay by Miyuko
Photoshop-wielding cosplay goddess Miyuko has released another unbearably sexy cosplay, this time with murder royale Danganronpa’s stellar model Junko Enoshima being the center of focus – and sure to make the abundance of inferior Junko cosplayers experience some particularly deep despair even as they scramble to upgrade their Adobe... Read more
Sexy League of Legends Cosplay by Miyuko & Hori
The ever-seductive cosplayer Miyuko has dropped jaws with her latest League of Legends rendition, joining forces with accomplice Hori to show off the scintillating beauty of Sona and Miss Fortune‘s alternate arcade costumes. Read more
Sweet & Tasty Asae Ayato Shinobu Cosplay
Cosplay seductress Asae Ayato has demonstrated her unparalleled cosplay talent in the form of donut loving loli vampire Shinobu from frequently shafted apparition anime Bakemonogatari, adequately showcasing her haemophagic charms despite the significant age difference. Read more
Itsuki Akira Dons Sailor Moon Lingerie
With the release of Peach John’s Sailor Moon 20th anniversary sailor lingerie, fans have found their availability brief due to their vast popularity – fortunately, top cosplayer Itsuki Akira has satiated the desires of unlucky Sailor Moon devotees by obligingly tweeting herself wearing them. Read more