Haruhi Bunny Girl Cosplay Rocks Out
Haruhi‘s classic bunny girl outfit has served as the inspiration for another luscious cosplay, with the alluring cosplayer posing desirably while keeping her handy guitar closeby, in case any last minute concerts are in need of a hand. The buxom bunny cosplay: Read more
Inuyasha Gender Swap Cosplay Deadly Hot
None other than Inuyasha has taken the form of a voluptuous woman due to the workings of some not so foul sorcery, sporting an impressive figure and causing many to wonder how much sexier the series would have been if the swordsman were female. The feral cosplay: Read more
Yaya Yukata Cosplay Unbreakably Charming
The cute automaton Yaya of Kikou Shoujo has become the subject of another flattering cosplay, potentially proving cute enough to cause many to wish they had the lusty girl’s endless affection for themselves. Yaya and her glorious yukata: Read more
Rory Mercury Cosplay Dangerously Cute
The seemingly impervious gothic lolita demigoddess Rory Mercury of JSDF anime Gate is giving off an even more charming aura than ever with her latest cosplay tribute, wielding her trusty halberd in addition and even dressing up in her lovely yukata, should some not be satisfied with just her... Read more
One Piece Cosplay by Saida Sexily Spectacular
The seductive Saida has given the cosplay world a glimpse at her repertoire of One Piece cosplays, demonstrating her flexibility in replicating the appearance of numerous characters while simultaneously earning plenty of accolades for her apparent beauty. Saida’s myriad of One Piece cosplays: Read more
The Queen Cosplay by Miyuko Most Regal
Korean manga Girls of the Wild’s has obtained enough popularity to be graced by the attention of the mesmerizing Miyuko, who has effectively cosplayed as “The Queen” (also known as Yoon In Gyi), giving off not only a threatening aura but a more delicate side for balance as well. Read more
Vampire Iori & Yayoi Cosplay Hardly Sucks
The charming and eternally youthful idols Iori and Yayoi of IdolMaster have received a cosplay tribute courtesy of more skilled cosplayers, as the girls in question don the game’s vampire girl outfits in a fittingly spooky setting that coincides rather well with the arrival of Halloween. The atmospheric cosplay: Read more
Alice Margatroid Cosplay Quite The Spectacle
Touhou’s beautiful blonde puppet-master Alice Margatroid has been cosplayed by yet another refined specialist, amplifying the elegant maiden’s charm by with some very tasteful spectacles. The alluring cosplay: Read more
Yuudachi Bikini Cosplay Takes On Water
Kantai Collection’s adorable kanmusu Yuudachi has taken a temporary detour to the beach thanks to the cosplay expertise of yet another phenomenal Chinese cosplayer, decked out in some scanty bikini armor that may prove less than effective against enemy fire but sure to score a direct hit with potential... Read more
Lucy Heartfilia Buxom Bikini Cosplay
The voluptuous Lucy Heartfilia of long-running anime Fairy Tail has been wondrously portrayed by another skilled Chinese cosplayer, boasting an equally busty chest and squeezing herself into the luscious blonde’s revealing bikini – all sure to earn the accolades of numerous amorous males. Read more