Akame & Esdeath Yuri Cosplay Dangerously Alluring
Sworn enemies Akame and Esdeath of Akame ga Kill! have gotten quite a bit friendlier as demonstrated by this sensuous yuri cosplay, the formidable assassins setting their differences aside for romance and possibly spawning a more peaceful alternative to the anime’s dreadful conclusion. The girl-on-girl action: Read more
Kurosawa Ruby Cosplay Adorably Innocent
While Love Live Sunshine! may have already concluded, passion for the series has continued to exist in the form of cosplay, with this stunning interpretation of the bubbly yet shy Kurosawa Ruby serving as a rather impressive example. The vibrantly red cosplay: Read more
Bunny Girl Reisen Inaba Cosplay Exceedingly Cute
Bullet-hell bunny Reisen Inaba from the highly revered Touhou franchise has had her cuteness imitated by yet another daring cosplayer, a seemingly simple effort that will no doubt cause the girl to be showered with praise regardless. The bunny girl cosplay: Read more
Queen of Hearts Cosplay A Royal Improvement
The incessantly angry and unattractive Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland has obtained quite the make-over as demonstrated by this astounding cosplay, certainly proving that anything can be made sexy with enough time and effort, apparently even a children’s story… The sexy reinterpretation: Read more
Shuten Douji Cosplay Hot & Horny
An enthralling cosplay for scantily clad demon girl Shuten Douji of Fate/Grand Order has been amassing praise due to its stifling beauty, bound to make the horned girl a popular cosplay amongst the many female cosplayers who so desperately crave attention. The invigorating cosplay: Read more
Gokou Ruri Bikini Cosplay Oozing With Moe
The magnificent Gokou Ruri (more commonly known as gothic cutie Kuroneko) has served as the subject of this sexy beach bikini cosplay, with the lovely girl lounging about in a manner unlikely to surpass her 2D equivalent in allure but possibly to come quite close. The beautiful cosplay: Read more
2D Or Not 2D: Cosplayers Back Into Illustrations
The latest “trend” to be sweeping Twitter has taken the form of requesting artists to transform a cosplay into a 2D illustration, which has been accruing some pretty spectacular results as some highly talented artists are hopefully gaining the notoriety they deserve. Some of the stunning 2D transformations to... Read more
Luo Tianyi China Dress Cosplay Exceptionally Exquisite
An alluring cosplay for Chinese Vocaloid Luo Tianyi has been amassing significant attention due to the cosplayer’s breath-taking beauty, all sure to help spread word of Tianyi’s existence even if she has some way to go in catching up to the mighty Miku. The explosively sexy cosplay: Read more
Rin Tohsaka Cosplay by Tsuta Poised For Battle
Capable warrior maiden Rin Tohsaka of Fate/stay night has inspired the glorious Tsuta, serving as the basis for her latest captivating cosplay as she wields some deadly blades, opting for a more intimidating look instead of lusting for attention with sheer sex appeal. The impressive cosplay, rife with special... Read more
Taiga Seifuku Cosplay Infinitely Charming
Toradora’s tiny Taiga has served as the basis for another adorable cosplay, the minuscule girl donning the black seifuku seen only in the anime’s final episode, surely to bring back fond memories for die-hard watchers. The cute seifuku cosplay: Read more