Flawless Felix Cosplay “Where Are The Cross-Dressers?”
The entrapping charm of Re:Zero’s deceptive cat-boy Felix has made onlookers once again question their sexuality due to the effectiveness of this relatively sultry cosplay, with the cosplayer’s female gender likely to relieve some, to say nothing of those sick of all the Rem and Ram cosplays as well.... Read more
Blue Izayoi Sakuya Cosplay Studiously Sensual
Marvelous maids are all the rage lately due to one certain traumatic time traveling anime, with this steaming hot cosplay of Touhou’s deadly Izayoi Sakuya serving as a fine example that should catch Touhou fanatics off-guard with the addition of some magnificent megane. The sophisticated Sakuya cosplay: Read more
Touken Ranbu 2nd Anniversary Exhibit Unveiled
Anthropomorphic sword boy smartphone game Touken Ranbu has celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a grandiose exhibit featuring an assortment of goods, from artwork to merchandise and replica swords – a marvel that perhaps even a few non-rotten, non-sword fetishists may find interesting. Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City Complex has served as... Read more
Dynasty Ahri Cosplay Fantastically Floral
League of Legends has brought about yet another stunning cosplay as the alluring Ahri is once again showered with attention, making use of some pleasant outdoor scenery and Photoshop effects to heighten her beauty while possibly recruiting new League of Legends players in the process. The awe-inspiring Ahri cosplay: Read more
Comiket 91 Cosplay Relentlessly Sexy
Comiket 91’s cosplay continues, as those who were present have continued uploading photos they took of all the mesmerizing ‘layers, certain to make the event the most memorable yet (at least until Comiket 92). Another wealth of photos taken at the event: Read more
Comiket 91 Cosplay Ablaze With Passion
Those who were unable to take part in the massively overcrowded yet sensational Comiket 91 can rest assured knowing that even more images of the sublime costume play on display therein are still starting to circulate, allowing any and all to witness the marvelous cosplay and share their opinions.... Read more
Comiket 91 Day 3 Cosplay Still Overwhelming
Comiket 91’s cavalcade of cosplay has shown no signs of slowing down despite the passing of its 3rd and final day, as the event’s abundance of cosplayers continue to preen and present photographers with an assortment of captivating angles that internet denizens will surely be thankful for. Read more
Comiket 91 Day 2 Embraces The Cold
The cosplayers taking part in Comiket 91 have braved the freezing cold temperatures to honorably display their pride as anime enthusiasts, with a great deal of the cosplay present seemingly consisting of the top revered shows of the season and their most scanty ensembles. SONY DSC SONY DSC Read more
Comiket 91 Day 1 Cosplay Full of Heart
Comiket 91 has demonstrated the heated (or perhaps frozen, given the season) passion that its cosplayers and attendees harbor for anime culture, serving as a grand opportunity for budding cosplayers to gain the notoriety and attention they generally crave in spades, and bound to have those unable to attend... Read more
Comiket 91 Day 1 Cosplay “The Most Phenomenal Yet!”
The arrival of Comiket 91 has prompted attending cosplayers to brandish their most well designed outfits yet, which have ranged from unspeakably sexy to the astonishingly bizarre – with all sure to be regarded as a welcome sight. Various photographers have uploaded their photos of the event’s first fantastic... Read more