Comiket 92’s final spasms of cosplay creativity have spurted forth from a multitude of otaku cameras onto the internet, with some of the most daring coming last. Read more
Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai’s delusional Takanashi Rikka has made her way to the beach, with this cosplay depicting the 2D girl in a skimpy bathing suit that will no doubt cause onlookers to use their imagination in regards to discovering what she looks like beneath it. The beautiful... Read more
A photographic bonanza has continued to spill forth from the gargantuan event that was Comiket 92, showing off more of the jaw-dropping outfits that were on display and bound to have many wondering how the cosplay next year may be even more stupendous. Read more
Supple and tan Fate maiden Nitocris may yet be the most fitting character for established cosplayer Non, as her luscious tan was easily imitated by the dusky cosplayer – naturally elevating the sex appeal of the cosplay with hardly any effort. Read more
The delightful bodies of Comiket 92’s cosplayers may be regarded as an irresistible fantasy for most males, with all the scantily clad outfits sure to have more rational individuals confused as to how so few perverted incidents occur at such a massive and out-of-control event (the answer of course... Read more
While the hot and festive Comiket 92 may have already ended, the endless barrage of photos depicting the luscious cosplayers at the event has not, bound to be a nice treat for those unable to witness all of the thousands of cosplayers present at the immensely crowded venue. Read more
Beautifully White Illya Cosplay The Epitome of Purity
Prisma Illya’s cute heroine Illya has obtained a pure white cosplay dressed in her lovable magical girl outfit, though many believe an accompanying Kuro would have made the cosplay significantly better. The pure white Illya cosplay: Read more
I-No Cosplay by Ely Harmonious Indeed
Musical battle maiden I-No of the Guilty Gear series has gotten some wild praise due to the admirable Ely imitating her busty appearance, certain to become the standard for all future cosplays of the desirable character. The witchy cosplay: Read more
Tranquil Hakurei Reimu Cosplay Elegant Indeed
Main heroine Hakurei Reimu seemingly reigns as the most popular Touhou maiden as yet another cosplay has surfaced featuring the marvelous miko, opting for a very natural rather than supernatural ambiance for once. Reimu’s casual stroll: Read more
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 Cosplay Quite Overwhelming
Winter Wonder Festival 2017 has provided other phenomenal sights aside from expertly crafted figurines, as both official and unofficial cosplayers have flooded the event to show off their devotion to anime, which most attendees would likely prefer to take home instead of the figures on display… The multitude of... Read more