One of Houseki no Kuni’s many lustrous gem girls has manged to inspire a cosplay from the 3D realm, with the franchise’s Diamond receiving a rather stunning iteration that even has the girl’s eyelashes and eyebrows dyed to their appropriate shade – something fans will no doubt label as... Read more
Sweet 2D girl Kafuu Chino of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka has slipped into her extravagant seifuku according to this lovely cosplay, which has also included her beloved bunny Tippy for increased faithfulness. The blue bunny inclusive cosplay: Read more
Pettanko enthusiasts have finally gotten a cosplay catered solely to them as a flat 3D maiden has dressed herself up in Shuten Douji‘s incredibly tiny outfit, a Fate character that unfortunately boasts little renown but will surely be respected for her sexiness nonetheless. The terrifically titillating cosplay: Read more
A surprisingly lewd interpretation of Overwatch’s mech-driver Dva has emerged, with the cosplay seemingly depicting the upstanding girl as a sort of yanki with her breasts nearly on full display – save for some minuscule bandages. The delinquent Dva cosplay: The illustration that inspired the cosplay: Read more
The lewd Halloween outfit that was worn by Florence Nightingale (of Fate/Grand Order) has finally begun to catch on in the cosplay scene as the unspeakably sexy Hane Ame has now tried the tiny outfit on, a belated Halloween treat that onlookers will no doubt love regardless. Hane Ame’s... Read more
Azur Lane’s young and innocent Unicorn has gotten a cosplay from another phenomenal woman, bound to be regarded as “way too old” by picky otaku despite her rather saucy exposure – hopefully she will not end up being bullied like the character… The sublime cosplay: Read more
The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has – for the first time in 23 years – been held in China, showcasing a myriad of models wearing scantily clad outfits that precious few women would dare wearing and no doubt appealing to men far and wide. Only a few of... Read more
The Fate franchise’s fox-eared Tamamo no Mae has consistently received a great deal of attention from extravagant cosplayer Ely, with the girl having dressed up in maid attire, a seifuku, a bathing suit and many other fetish fuel outfits whilst donning the magical fox girl’s cute ears. Read more
Fan favorite frog girl Asui Tsuyu of Boku no Hero Academia has obtained a rather impressive cosplay from the enticing Ristuki, who has naturally utilized a moist environment to more greatly emphasis the character’s froggy nature – though some might have preferred more exposure of the girl’s essential tongue.... Read more
The much lusted after Rem and Non-Rem come dressed in wedding outfits and ready to be used as matrimonial masturbation accessories in this rather fabulous effort. The matrimonial cosplay: Read more