Flashy Hana Midorikawa Figure
The criminally sexy blonde Hana of upcoming perverse prison anime Prison School has gotten an early 21.5cm figure from Wing, displaying the lovely shoujo in her uniform and fully exposing her medusa for all to witness – buyers with a strong proclivity for such serpentine morasses can look forward... Read more
Luscious Watanuki Figure
The delectable Watanuki of musical mascot anime Sonico can be seen barely dressed for a fun matsuri night in this new 20cm figure by Freeing, with her yukata tastefully loose and also brandishing an assortment of festival food – buyers can join Watanuki in her festival foray this February.... Read more
Bountiful Bikini Leafa Figure
The notably busty Leafa of VRMMO phenomenon Sword Art Online has received a big new 16.5cm figure from Griffon, posing seductively in a rather tight bikini and likely to prompt amorous acclaim from SAO-loving onlookers – buyers can look forward to more “intimate” online interactions with their newfound party... Read more
Shimapan Waitress Tsukiko Figure
The appallingly cute TV star Tsukiko of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko unleashes her inner feline with this 1/7 scale Griffon figure, serving up some lovable nekomimi charm while dressed in an adorable waitress outfit – Tsukiko arrives September. Tsukiko can be pre-ordered now. Read more
China Dress Sora Figure
Scandalously sexy Sora of imouto incest anime Yosuga no Sora has taken the liberty of wearing a rather revealing china dress for her new 22cm figure by Alter, resting sensuously upon a chair and providing some up-skirt service as part of the package – Sora can provide “satisfaction” for... Read more
Shapely Aines Figure
Miniature figure fighter anime Busou Shinki has gotten a new 20cm figure from Quess Q, with their rendition of the lovely Aines decked out in a mech suit and with her stupendously unarmoured backside on full display – buyers can enact their own doll wars when Aines is available... Read more
Lively Sachiko Figure
Sachiko Koshimizu of Idolm@ster social game Cinderella Girls has received an angelic stage figure from Phat Company, showcasing the adorable idol in her element and posed moderately provocatively – Sachiko can provide buyers with their own personal performance this January. Sachiko can be pre-ordered now – additionally the figure... Read more
Busty Nodoka Figure

Busty Nodoka Figure

Anime Jul 31, 2014

The beautifully busty Nodoka from super mahjong anime Saki has received a 16cm seifuku figure from Megahouse, putting ample emphasis on her signature bust and wearing a skirt so short it might easily put to rest certain ambiguities – Nodoka arrives this November. Nodoka can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Black Leather Super Sonico Party Girl Figure
Nitroplus’ favorite busty heroine returns with yet another figure, this one revealing her more wild side, wearing a rather skimpy leather outfit that somehow manages to contain her rather large bosoms and derrière – set to be the life of the party this November, from the figure party animals... Read more
Adorable Mashiro Nendoroid
Adorable imouto Mashiro of cutesy romcom Mikakunin de Shinkoukei has received a hyperactively moe 10cm Nendoroid from Good Smile Company, armed with a spoon and accompanyied by a plate of curry – buyers can accept Mashiro as their virtual imouto this November. Mashiro can be pre-ordered now. Read more