Shy Tsugumi Beach Queen Figure
The busty Tsugumi of yakuza romcom Nisekoi has received a voluptuous 16.5cm Beach Queen figure from Wave as she wears her scanty beachwear from the anime, barely capable of containing her massive bust – Tsugumi will make her beach debut in the summer month of June. Tsugumi can be... Read more
Laura Bodewig Bashful Bikini Figure
Renowned mecha harem series Infinite Stratos has received an enchanting 22cm figure of its signature eyepatch girl Laura Bodewig courtesy of Aquamarine, depicting the tantalizing woman in her well-known bikini while wearing a suitably bashful look – Laura will be ready for beach-time fun come April. Laura can be... Read more
Menacing Michelle Figure
Hardcore blonde Michelle of insectoid invasion anime Terra Formars has received a rather intimidating 22cm figure by the esteemed Good Smile Company, depicting the determined woman in her bugged-out form and reveling in the demise of a fallen foe – Michelle can aid in reinforcing the fight against roach-men... Read more
Slender Bayonetta Figure
Famed temptress Bayonetta has received a rather tight if large 34cm figure from Flare, showing off the wondrous witch’s irresistible curves while wielding some sizable guns – Bayonetta will arrive June. Bayonetta can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Tiny Bikini Sonico Figure
Busty Nitroplus mascot Super Sonico has once again put her fine assets on display as demonstrated by this sexy 28cm figure from Kaitendo, depicting the voluptuous girl in a rather minuscule bikini and for once feeling quite shy about it – Sonico may perhaps have an “unfortunate” wardrobe malfunction... Read more
Cute Miyuki Figure
Adorable imouto Shiba Miyuki of magical combat anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei has received a rather bedazzling 16cm figure courtesy of Megahouse, depicting the lovely girl in her modest school uniform and offering quite the enchanting smile – Miyuki will further cast her spells on vulnerable males this March.... Read more
Harmonious Beethoven Figure
The melodious Beethoven of strategy game Eiyuu Senki Gold has a received a 23cm figure from Alter, depicting the adorable girl in her usual piano-dress attire and anachronistic headphones – Beethoven will make her musical debut this April. Beethoven can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Toshino Kyoko Nendoroid
Fantastic yuri anime Yuru Yuri has received a cute 10cm Nendoroid dedication to its blonde troublemaker Toshino Kyoko, with the figure overflowing with Kyoko’s characteristiccuteness – Toshino Kyoko will arrive April, should she not be apprehended by the student council by then. Toshino Kyoko can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Moist Cecilia Figure
The beautiful blonde Cecilia of mecha harem anime Infinite Stratos has received a rather risqué 25cm figure from Griffon, depicting one of Cecilia’s memorable shower scenes whilst seductively concealing her voluptuous frame – Cecilia can help scrub the backs of otaku this February. Cecilia can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Festive Kuroko Figure
The carnivorous Kuroko of hardcore magic anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun has attended a festive matsuri for her depiction in this 19.5cm figure from Freeing, with the seductive girl donning a stylish yukata and enjoying the lively atmosphere – Kuroko will arrive in May, likely on the hunt... Read more