Sarashiki Nekomimi Figure
Splendidly sexy Sarashiki of infinite harem anime Infinite Stratos 2 has received a 28cm figure of the feline variety from Freeing, depicting her in an ultra-skimpy mizugi and donning her nekomimi and tail as witnessed in the anime – Sarashiki can be “housetrained” by her buyers next January. Sarashiki... Read more
Lisbeth SAO Figure

Lisbeth SAO Figure

Anime Jul 11, 2014

The pretty pink-haired Lisbeth of virtual reality MMO Sword Art Online has received a new 17cm mizugi figure from Chara-Ani, showing off her splendidly slim body and prepared for some imminent beach fun – fanciers can party up with her this October. Lisbeth can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Elegant Levi Figure
The calm and collected Levi of giant killer anime Shingeki no Kyojin has received an interpretation departing radically from his usual rooftop bounding gear in the form of this 16cm figure by Union Creative, dressed in a fujoshi-slaying suit and due this November. Levi can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Full-Arsenal Yamato Figure
Ever popular battleship moe game Kantai Collection has had yet another of its kanmusu depicted as a 14cm figure, with Bandai capturing Yamato’s lovely human attributes along with her mass arsenal of naval destruction – fans can have Yamato bolster their fleet in October. Yamato can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Nanami Sukumizu Figure
Yozakura Quartet’s fine feline Nanami has had her lithe form captured in exact likeness by way of a new 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya, depicting Nanami in a pure white sukumizu and in a stimulating state of partial undress – sweet nekomimi and human hybrid Nanami can be adopted... Read more
Radical Racing Miku 2013 Figma
Ever popular virtual idol Hatsune Miku has received another spectacular 13cm Figma by Max Factory, this time bearing her relatively skimpy Racing Miku design from last year as well as a hot new ride – Miku fans can play with her this October. Miku can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Heavily Armed Nagato Figma
Another anthropomorphic battleship battler of blockbuster browser game Kantai Collection has received a figure courtesy, this time with the majestic Nagato being portrayed by Max Factory in all her heavily armed glory – Nagato will arrive to help fortify the fleet next January. Nagato can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Anchovy Mizugi Beach Queen Figure
The Italian “bella ragazza” Anchovy of the yet to be witnessed Girls Und Panzer OVA (to premier in 12 theatres across Japan on July 5th) has received an early 16cm Beach Queen figure from Wave, allowing her less strict side to shine through along with her bikini-exposed beauty –... Read more
Asuna Beach Queen Figure
Much molested heroine Asuna of popular VRMMO anime Sword Art Online has received a 16cm Beach Queen figure from Wave dressed in her signature red and white bikini and ready for some beach-oriented RP fun – SAOists can add the lovely Asuna to their party this November. Asuna can... Read more
Madoka Matsuri Nendoroid
Magical puella Madocchi of the highly praised anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica has received an adorable new 10cm Nendoroid figure, showcasing her dressed for a matsuri in a pink kimono – eager otaku can celebrate her presence this October. Madoka can be pre-ordered now. Read more