Drifters TV Anime Reveals Maon Kurosaki’s Ending Song, Bonus Short Anime
Blu-ray box ships on December 24 with unaired footage, short anime, 2 CDs, more The advance screening for the television anime of Kouta Hirano‘s Drifters manga featured several announcements on Sunday. Maon Kurosaki is performing the ending theme song, just as she had for an anime of another Hirano... Read more
Crane Game Girls Anime’s 2nd Season Reveals Visual, October 5 Premiere
Main staff, theme song artists also revealed for new series The official website for the Crane Game Girls (Bishōjo Yūgi Unit Crane Geeru) original television anime series revealed the show’s title, premiere date, and key visual for the show’s second season on Saturday. The series, titled Bishōjo Yūgi Unit... Read more
Teekyū 8th Season, Mahō Shōjo Nante Mō Ii Desu Kara Second Season Anime Premiere on October 5
The official websites for the Mahō Shōjo Nante Mō Ii Desu Kara Second Season anime (key visual pictured below left) and the eighth television anime season of Piyo and Roots‘ Teekyū manga (key visual pictured below right) both revealed on Friday that both anime will premiere on Tokyo MX... Read more
Occultic;Nine TV Anime Reveals More of Cast, October 8 Debut, New Visual
Satomi Akesaka, Kenjiro Tsuda, Maria Naganawa join latest from Steins;Gate creator The official website for the television anime of Chiyomaru Shikura‘s Occultic;Nine light novel series revealed three more cast members, the October 8 premiere, and the second key visual. Character designer Tomoaki Takase drew the visual: The newly announced... Read more
Poco’s Udon World Anime’s 2nd Promo Video Shows Sōta, Poco’s Promise
Yūichi Nakamura, Shiho Kokido star in series premiering on October 8 The official website for the Poco’s Udon World television anime series began streaming the show’s second promotional video on Friday. The end of the video features Sōta and Poco making a promise and pinky-swearing, and then Sōta says,... Read more
Roromiya Karuta Bloomers Cosplay Super Sweet
The ever insatiable Roromiya Karuta of Inu x Boku SS has nibbled away at some delicious sweets whilst wearing some equally tasteful bloomers, with the lovable Watanuki accompanying the cosplayer to help maximize her cuteness. The delectable cosplay: Read more
MikuMiku MasterCard Emerges
Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co. has once again taken advantage of the ever colossal otaku market by pumping out some Miku-themed MasterCards, a profitable strategy that will likely earn them ~1% of the disposable income of ravenous Miku fans who must have any and every such item featuring the virtual... Read more
March comes in like a lion Anime Casts Marina Inoue, Takahiro Sakurai, More
Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shinichiro Miki, Tomokazu Sugita, Subaru Kimura, Subaru Kimura, Toru Ohkawa join cast The official website for the television anime of Chika Umino‘s March comes in like a lion (Sangatsu no Lion) manga announced eight additional cast members on Friday. The new cast members are: Marina Inoue as... Read more
Mr. Osomatsu Animation Director Interested in Working on 2nd Season
Animator Kanchi Suzuki posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday that he is interested in working on a hypothetical second season of the Mr. Osomatsu anime series. おそ松の時は「松部屋」と呼ばれてる所にだいたい自分と浅野さんと安彦さんと三人だけでワイワイ作業して、部室みたいで楽しかったなぁ。。これをまた味わうためだけにも二期やってほしいくらい。 — 鈴木かんち (@Kanchi_0515) September 6, 2016 “When we were working on Mr. Osomatsu, we had a room called the “Matsu Room”... Read more
Mob Psycho 100 Psychologically Thrilling
The mind battles of Mob Psycho 100 have steadily risen in frequency as the determined Mob attempts to rescue his beloved brother, with Mob’s extraordinary strength definitely resembling that of a certain franchise’s protagonist that was also created by illustrious writer, One. Omake: Read more