Fate/EXTRA Busty Saber Bride Figure
From the dungeon RPG series Fate/EXTRA arrives a bustier-than-ever Saber figure wearing a costume more revealing than her norm, yet will likely be a welcome addition for Saber collectors this June, from Alphamax. Saber is available for pre-order now. Read more
Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu Form Figure
The heroine of Studio Trigger’s over-the-top action fanservice anime Kill la Kill will soon be getting a figure from Phat Company, featuring the scantily-clad Ryuko Matoi posing fiercely in her Kamui Senketsu form, and is set to arrive June 2014. Ryuko is available for pre-order now. Read more
Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Figma
Titan assaulting anime Shingeki no Kyojin’s fearless captain Levi is the latest of the show’s huge cast to be getting an action figure edition, by way of Max Factory’s latest Figma, due for release June 2014. Captain Levi can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Kuroneko Lolita Bikini Figure
The cat-ear endowed lolita mistress of black has received another Beach Queen figure in her likeness, this time with Kuroneko sporting an improbable goth loli bikini with her trademark ears as well as a disappointingly innocently attached tail. The figure stands at a height of 15.5 cm and is... Read more
Akiyama Yukari Figma Brings Serious HEAT
The fluffy-haired, tank obsessed youth of Girls Und Panzer can be seen in all her moe glory standing 12.5 cm tall as depicted by Max Factory, with the figma ready for tank-busting action by May of next year. Yukari can pre-ordered now. Read more
Yozora Mikazuki & Sena Kashiwazaki Nekomimi Figures
Utilizing desperate measures to procure some friends, spiteful Yozora and obsessive Sena squeeze themselves into some excessively alluring nekomimi cosplay thanks to the whims of Max Factory, set to be released May of 2014. Yozora and Sena’s friendly pairing can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Super Sonico Luscious Cheer Figure
Likely for cheering on the advent of her own upcoming anime, Super Sonico’s latest figure appearance sees her wearing a barely fitting cheerleader outfit equipped with large pompoms and even larger breasts, with creators Orchid Seed scheduling her release for August of 2014. Sonico can be pre-ordered now. Read more
Godly Gundam Fetches $10,000
An RX-93 Gundam model which fetched ¥926,001 over 311 bids at auction has amazed gunpla otaku and commoners alike – most of whom seem to think it might be worth the price. The Gundam has been shown off in some detail (including comparisons of it to the standard kit):... Read more
Super Soniko Santa Bikini Figure
Santa Soniko will be too late for Christmas, but she’ll still be stuffing some stockings when she arrives in April 2014, wearing only a hood and bikini. She is available for pre-orders now. Read more
Madoka Movie Madoka Figure
Madoka receives another figure by Good Smile Company based on Aoki Ume‘s illustration for the 2012 movies, which has been faithfully rendered into PVC. The figure will be released in January 2014. Kaname Madoka can be pre-ordered now. Read more