"WWW.WAGNARIA!!" Cast Are At Your Service In Event Visual
Sunday, April 16th, Yūichi Nakamura (Daisuke Higashida), Haruka Tomatsu (Hana Miyakoshi), Kōki Uchiyama (Masahiro Adachi), Yōko Hikasa (Sayuri Muranushi), Sora Amamiya (Shiho Kamakura), Kensho Ono (Yuta Shindo), Momo Asakura (Miri Yanagiba), Ari Ozawa (Rui Nagata) and Hiro Shimono (Takuya Kōno) gather at Sayamashi City Hall for an event reuniting the cast of the anime adaptation... Read more
"Yakuza Kiwami" Brawls Its Way to the West on August 29
We got to see how Kazuma Kiryu’s story really began in Yakuza 0, and soon it will be time to revisit how the series itself began in Yakuza Kiwami. The full HD remake of the original Yakuza is coming to the west, and Sega announced an official release date... Read more
Crunchyroll Announces Sakura-Con 2017 Plans!
Here at Crunchyroll, we’re keeping the momentum going with the next stop on our convention tour — Sakura-Con! We’ll be in Seattle, Washington this weekend for the 20th anniversary of Sakura-Con and we’re bringing you all a power-packed line up of panels, merch, and of course, free swag. And... Read more
"Nazotokine" Spin-Off "Kaito x Ansa" Seeks Voice Actors via Online Audition
Kaito x Ansa, an upcoming TV anime spin-off of the puzzle-solving series Nazotokine, is looking for guest voice actors via an online audition through the SHOWROOM live-streaming smart phone app.     The competition runs from April 16 – May 08, 2017, during which contestants can register to compete via... Read more
"Naruto" Creator’s Message Introduces American Readers To "Boruto"
Viz’s April debuts include Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the first volume of which was released last week, Yu-Gi- Oh! Arc-V, new shojo series, The Water Dragon’S Bride, the digital exclusive debut of élDLIVE and novel Tokyo Ghoul: Past. Supporting the release, Viz has published a message from Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto.        also, some... Read more
Four "Fire Emblem Echoes" Characters Join "Fire Emblem Heroes"
New characters are jumping into the Fire Emblem Heroes action this week along with a new Paralogue Story called “World of Shadows.” The latest batch of heroes comes from May’s Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and you can meet Alm (voiced by Kyle McCarley, illustrated by Arai Teruko),... Read more
New "ID-0" Trailer Introduces the Transhuman I-Machines
A new trailer for the original science fiction TV anime ID-0 is now available online, and it introduces more of the setting and characters, including the “mind trance system” that allows people to transfer their personalities into versatile robots known as I-Machines. The trailer also features the song “Stargarden”, performed by... Read more
Bandai Visual Producer Minoru Takanashi Passes Away
Colleague Nobuteru Yuki (character designer on Escaflowne, Record of Lodoss War) has reported that Bandai Visual producer Minoru Takanashi has passed away.  The veteran produced the Cowboy Bebop movie and Escaflowne, as well as Macross’ 7, Plus and Zero and Gundam’s 0080, 0083 and Char’s Counter Attack. More recently, he worked on Concrete Revolutio.   バンダイビジュアルのプロデューサー高梨実氏が亡くなりました。エスカフローネというタイトルは彼の企画力抜きには実現し得なかったと思います。2199も高く評価して頂き、色々なグッズ展開など「やりましょう!」と目をキラキラさせていたのが昨日の事のようです。ご冥福お祈りいたします。 pic.twitter.com/WNZ5XPjTin — 結城信輝 (@nobuteruyuuki) April 12,... Read more
"Hakuoki: Shinkai – Fuukaden" Hits PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 13
Last month Idea Factory’s otome label Otomate revealed plans to make the leap to PlayStation 4 with the help of Hakuoki: Shinkai – Fuukaden. Now we have a release date via listings found on AmiAmi, Media World, and Happinet Online, setting the PS4 entry in the series for a... Read more
Crunchyroll to Stream "Room Mate" Anime
Just last night we posted some sneak preview screencaps for the Room Mate anime, and now Crunchyroll announced plans to stream the series, which officially kicks off today at 8:15am Pacific Time.   Room Mate will be available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia.     Room Mate... Read more