It was officially announced at the first play’s DVD/Blu-ray release event held at Iruma City Hall in Saitama Prefecture on November 18 that a new stage play based on Koji Yanagi’s spy mystery novel series Joker Game is set to be performed in Tokyo and Osaka in June 2018.... Read more
Experience, analytical prowess, wisdom, for all its fools, anime has some characters actually worth listening to… particularly in regards to matters of the heart. Though in some cases, said characters play both roles. In their latest 10,000 Reader poll, Charapedia asked anime fans which anime character they would consult... Read more
  Another Persona 4 character is getting ready to join in on the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle action. Following up on the previously-revealed Chie Satonaka is Yukiko Amagi, who stars in the new character trailer along with Under Night In-Birth‘s Gordeau and BlazBlue‘s Azrael.      BlazBlue: Cross Tag... Read more
  Last week Nintendo teased a new addition to ARMS, and followed through just a couple days later with an introduction to Misango, the Spirited Fighter. He’s now available along with his Temple Grounds stage as part of the 4.0 update, which you can see a sample of below. ... Read more
Funimation was founded in 1994 by Japanese-born businessman Gen Fukunaga after he was approached by his uncle, Nagafumi Hori, who was working as a producer for Toei. Significant funding came from co-worker Daniel Cocanougher, whose family sold their Texas feed mill to invest in the company. On November 13th, Allen Howell Cocanougher,... Read more
At this weekend’s Anime NYC, Vertical Comics announced plans to publish print editions of APOSIMZ, the latest from Blame!/Knights of Sidonia author Tsutomu Nihei.    JUST ANNOUNCED at #ANIMENYC We will be releasing the print version of APOSIMZ the new series by Tsutomu Nihei! (BLAME!) Coming Fall 2018! — VC... Read more
 Hopefully you have no OBJECTION to hearing Phoenix Wright speak English. Coming up on January 23rd, Funimation will be releasing part one of the Ace Attorney anime in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. After announcing the last last week, the English dub is now being featured in promos.        As... Read more
The Fate/Grand Order storyline previously travel to America in The Fifth Grail: A.D. 1783 — The Great North American War of the Myths – E Pluribus Unum — The White Cloth of Steel. Now, it’s on its way back to the continent, if not the country as part of the Epic of Remnant... Read more
 After the events of the Future Diary anime series, an amnesiac Yuno Gasai leads a normal life, but some phantom of the past still exists. Who’s Yukki…? Future Diary finally concludes with the True Ending OVA, Future Diary: Redial–available now in the brand new Future Diary Blu-ray/DVD complete series combo pack from Funimation on November... Read more
One of the features that made Secret of Mana—AKA Seiken Densetsu 2—truly memorable was the ability to play cooperatively with two other players. The Secret of Mana remake keeps that dream alive with offline co-op, and you can see a sample in Square Enix’s recent live stream.   The... Read more